Why RR Email Not Working On Internet Explorer And How To Resolve It?

To experience problems in an email service will definitely put you in a backseat because emails today are mostly used for important communication, which can’t be done on a call or through various chatting apps. Many people who have subscribed to Roadrunner email are not being able to use their email accounts on Internet Explorer.

Formal communication is always held via emails. The best way to send a proposal, get business deals and negotiations is through emails. It can’t be done via apps like FaceTime, BBM, WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger. It has to be through emails that a formal message can be sent.

Internet Explorer

But, many people who are using RR email are not able to access their email accounts in the Internet Explorer. They have no idea as to why they are facing this problem because their email accounts were working smoothly, but then, this problem surfaced overnight. Now, whenever they are opening their RR email accounts, then it becomes responding or crashes down.

A number of reasons could lead to this problem such as wrong date and time settings on the system on which you are trying to use the email, a faulty connection and so on. So, the first line of troubleshooting would begin with checking the date and time settings. You need to make sure that the date and time are correct. You can easily edit date and time, just in case, those are incorrect. To correct the date and time, here are the steps that you will have to follow:

These settings are for Windows 10 computer.

  1. Open ‘Control Panel’.
  2. Click on ‘Date and Time’
  3. When you click the option, you will see a dialog box popping up in which you need to click ‘change Date and Time’ button.
  4. After that, you will see around clock along with a calendar, so you can adjust the date and time, and after that, click ‘Apply’ and ‘OK’.

If the problem has not occurred due to wrong date and time, then you will have to check whether the add-ons that you’ve installed are not creating problems. Add-ons can get in the way of certain websites, so just make sure that it isn’t meddling with RR email webpage. Sometimes, you would see ‘server not found’ or ‘401 forbidden’ errors on the screen. So, what you are going to do is, turn off the add-ons and then, restart your web browser, which in this case is Internet Explorer. You will now find that the email starts working properly.

If you are looking to turn off all the add-ons, which don’t work properly with Internet Explorer, then you will have to run an add-on by the name of ‘Fix It’. With this add-on installed in your IE, you can disable all the incapable add-ons in your Internet Explorer. If you are asked whether to save or run the file, then select ‘Run’ and then, proceed with the setup wizard.

If you think that this add-on could damage your browser, then you can reset IE settings to default. You can get in touch with Webmail Roadrunner Login customer service providers to fix the problem befalling Roadrunner email in Internet Explorer.

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