What’s The Process To Resolve RR Email ‘Account Locked Error’?

Roadrunner webmail is a service that is managed and controlled by Time Warner Cable. I don’t think if there is any need to tell you as to who Time Warner Cable is. It is among the top movie production houses in the world. TWC is the one having control of Roadrunner webmail, which gives an impression to the users that it is highly reliable and secure. But, recently people have found issues in Roadrunner email, i.e., ‘locked error’ message.

This message is arising especially when people are using TWC email login as their internet service provider as well as their email client. Apart from that, their email account is also active and working fine until now. A message like this creates doubt in users as if their RR email account has been hacked.

Time Warner Email Login

The message appears when they click ‘Get mail’. Along with the message, they see a warning triangle on the screen. This warning triangle also appears when the inbox highlights on the Roadrunner email account. What most people are seeing on their computer’s screen is as below:

The email server has prohibited your access to your ‘RR email account’ because the admin or other email client is using it while your email account tried to log in. Please try again later.

A server error has been encountered and the account is locked as well. If you highlight RR email account, then you need to right-click on that followed by selecting ‘Get New Mail from Time Warner Email Login Account’. After doing that, everything is going to be fine.

RR email users don’t know as to why this issue has occurred and moreover, they can’t make out if their email account is trying to find multiple accounts at once and tricking RR email account so that they could think that the account is locked. Some believe that the issue has risen due to some other reason.

How to solve this problem?

A number of email experts have provided information regarding this problem in which they have said that the problem has been caused when Roadrunner email tried to check two identical email accounts at the same time. The problem can be solved by disabling the discontinuing the old account. Then, people will have to click on ‘Check Email’ in order to avoid getting error messages.

This is a very frustrating issue, which can be resolved by following a specific process. This process has been explained in this blog post, so you can follow the process and get rid of ‘email account getting locked’ issue. You can take TWC Mail support help. if you want; as they will help you fix the issue in the shortest possible time.

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