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Update Problem Of Roadrunner Webmail With 8.4 OS Is Now Resolved For iPhone 6.

The steps to change the settings of RR mail for resolving the error message displayed on the updated OS version of Apple iPhone 6 can be easily implemented on your own. If you want to know the details about the port number, server address, and type of email, then you can ask experts. They will let you know over the phone line or via email.

There are some iPhone 6 users who have recently updated the OS version to 8.4 and they find a problem in accessing their Roadrunner mail on it. They are searching for a solution online but found no concrete solution and reason behind this problem.

Many users these days use iPhone 6 and 6 plus as they categorize it under ‘The most selling and popular’ phone. However, some of them are not being able to configure the email on it. They have tried to reset the email settings to factory default but didn’t get success.

Incoming server mail: The incoming server to be set is In this address, there is a server location as well as the location where you are staying at present.

Outgoing server mail: It’s The same is the case with the outgoing server address. It includes the location of the server as well as of yours.

If you notice unusual or additional folder created in Roadrunner email account apart from one email account folder, then there is need to pay attention as this may be the symptoms of hacked account or your account is being compromised by someone. You will find that the folder created recently is also editable.

You need to check the settings of your email account which are mentioned here as follows:



There are some email addresses that can be easily changed but some are not. If you find the message ‘Can’t access the email right now’ on the screen, then it means there is some problem with the email. If you haven’t tried to access the email account from iPhone 6, then you will find it difficult to access email from this device as well.

Some people are curious to know why this error is occurring and what can be done to remove this from iPhone 6.

We want to mention here that if you have recently updated the OS version to 8.4 of your iPhone 6, then you may face this weird problem. Before troubleshooting the problem, you must check if you have started getting the problem after an update or not.

The permanent solution to this problem is discussed here as under. You need to create a new mailbox by changing the POP server settings. The steps to create a mailbox and change the settings of the POP server are:

  • Go to ‘Mail, contacts and calendars’ section from settings.
  • Click to add an account.
  • Enter the name, User ID and password.
  • Click ‘Next’.
  • Select Either IMAP or POP.
  • Now, set the email settings and must ensure that these are not set to default.

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