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Roadrunner Webmail Not Working On Thunderbird? What Can Be The Reason Behind It?


Roadrunner webmail stopped working on Thunderbird email. Have you ever come across this issue? If yes, then there are lots of people who are facing this same problem and they have tried to come out with the solution but didn’t do so. So, today we in this discussion are going to discuss the solution to this problem.

A large number of people are using Thunderbird email. It is easy to configure with any other email service and some people have even hooked-up their TWC mail with it. From past few days, they are getting serious issues on it and they are getting a message on the computer screen which says, ‘Not possible to send password’. Their respective mail is also saying that ‘please send pass command’. When they tried to enter the password, they get a message as it is.

It’s not for the first time that people have connected their Thunderbird email to the RR email but they have been using since long but no issue was reported earlier on it. This problem has come to the fore suddenly. If they are using internet explorer, then they are able to login to the RR email account but if same is done through Thunderbird, they find a problem in accessing the mail.

When they tried to connect to TWC email login support team, they find no resolution to it. The reason being they are not supporting the email clients anymore. So, what they are suggesting people is to take support from Mozilla instead of taking from them. There are number of experts available online who are ready to help people after knowing the indications of the problem.

It is important to understand here that when you connect to RR mail through webmail, then the servers are different but when you connect through Thunderbird mail account, then the email servers are different. So, if someone is claiming that RR email is working normally on Internet Explorer, then it means they are proving nothing.

Now, we are going to discuss questions for which every user needs an answer. Here are some questions:

  • Which thunderbird version is currently installed in the system? To know the current version, go to the ‘Help’ section.
  • Check the servers if they are working fine or not. The thing to check in the server is the name, address, port number, and the SSL type enabled or disabled. You can check these things through the ‘connection security’ option of your email account.

People after knowing the answers to the above-mentioned problems will be able to diagnose the problem and they will find the solution for the same according to different platforms if they find themselves unsatisfied through the given options. Time Warner cable as of now is migrating its servers and domains for the temporary time period. So, it is better to migrate instead of stuck into a technical glitch. But if someone wishes to fix the problem on their own, then he/she can do keeping the server settings in mind.

If the problem doesn’t get resolved, then don’t hesitate to call at Roadrunner webmail support number. The technical experts will solve your problem in the most convenient manner. If you facing issues Spectrum Email, Then contact Spectrum Email Settings.

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