Road Runner Web Mail

How To Setup RR Email On Your iPhone In Easy Steps?

Emails are an important part of our lives. We daily send and receive a countless number of emails because if we stop doing so, how are we going to get our livelihood? So, emails are important and if anything happens to our email accounts, then it is pretty much obvious that our entire work will come to a stand-still.

With a plethora of email services around, it won’t be wrong to mention that we are surrounded by enough platforms to make our head spin. Today, we are going to discuss an email service, which is very popular on iOS platform. You can use it on your iPhone 5 or 6 or 6S. The name of the email service, or should I mention webmail service is ‘Roadrunner mail’ or RR mail. This email service has gotten immensely popular in the recent times because of its amazing features and simplified user interface.

Composing an email and attaching files are quite easy in RR email. But, what if the RR mail login fails and you are unable to catch up with your emails? Well, this is not just an assumption, but it certainly has happened to many customers who were using this reliable webmail service on their respective iPhones. But, there is nothing to worry, as the issue can be resolved by changing a few settings on your iPhone. The steps will be explained in this blog post, and there is no need to be doubtful, as these steps have been confirmed by Roadrunner themselves.

Here are the steps that you need to follow in order to send Road Runner web mail from your iPhone:

  1. Select Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Select Mail followed by contact and finally, calendars.
  3. If you have an existing RR email address, then you need to select that or you can select Add account, in case, you are doing it for the first time.
  4. Select ‘Other’ option.
  5. Now, you will see an option, i.e., ‘Add email account’, so select it and fill the information such as your Name, Email Address, Password and Description.
  6. After filling in the information, you have to press ‘Next’ button.
  7. You need to choose POP and fill out the form for Incoming and Outgoing mail server.

Incoming and outgoing mail server at RR com

Do you know what your incoming mail server host is? Well, it is You need to enter it if your incoming mail server dialog box is empty. Then comes the username option. In username, you can fill out the username, which you have created. But, make sure that you write the entire email address as well. After entering the username, you have to add the password. If you don’t remember it, then click on forget password option. There will be a box in which you have to enter port number, so you can fill ‘110’ there and turn off the secure server option.

The process of outgoing mail server is also the same, but the host address is changed. The host is ‘ Then, you have to add your username and password just like above. The port number is changed here, i.e., it’s ‘587’, but the secure server option remains off only. After doing all steps properly, click on save. If there is any problem in www RR com login, then you have the option to take the help of the technical support providers for webmail services.

Time Warner cable has introduced a phenomenal service by the name of Road Runner, as it is flourishing in the world like no other thing.