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How To Setup Roadrunner Email On Samsung S7 Edge Phone?

To set up an account, keep the account type the same on all the devices. If you are using IMAP on one device and POP type on another device, then you may be stuck in trouble. You will even find an error message on the screen. Don’t run your email on client program directly. If you don’t know about IMAP or POP type settings for your account, then you can read the information about it from online sources.

Samsung S7 Edge phone is the latest release by Samsung Company for all those smartphone lovers who want to access everything on their phone and want to quick reply to their business emails. This phone will be proven the best for them. If you are using a RR email for business purpose and want to set up the same on Samsung S7 phone, then here are some steps that need to be followed.

To start with the setup, you must connect the phone to the internet either through data or via a home wireless network.

  1. Go to phone settings from the home menu.
  2. Switch on your home wireless network.
  3. Search for the required SSID and enter the details to connect to it. You must enter the password carefully. In case you find any problem, you can follow on-screen instructions.
  4. Enter passcode for SSID. If the default password is set, then check it from the back of the router.
  5. Once you get connected, you will find a message, ‘Successfully connected’ on the screen.

Note: It is recommended to use the latest version of OS on your phone for accessing the internet. If the update is available, you will find the notification icon on the top of the screen. Click to start downloading. If you want to download on your computer, then download and transfer to phone through USB cable.

How to configure Roadrunner webmail?

  1. Go to home screen and click on horizontal lines from the center of the screen.
  2. An app menu will appear. Click ‘Email’ and then ‘Add a new account’.
  3. Enter email address in the username field and password in the next field. Make sure that you are entering the right password for the email account.
  4. Click on ‘Manual setup’. You will be prompted to select the type of account you want to configure. You can select either IMAP or POP3 type.
  5. If prompted for email settings, click ‘Yes’.
  6. Tap ‘Sign-in’.
  7. Go through the steps to enter email settings.
  8. Once done, click ‘Finish’. This will finish the email configuration.

Email settings for Roadrunner email.

Username: Enter complete Roadrunner email address or the name of your choice.

Password: Enter the password you use to login to the account.

SSL: This must be enabled for all types of account.

Port number: 997

Outgoing mail server:

Port: 596

Authentication: Yes

This is all about the settings and configuration steps for Roadrunner email. You will be able to read and compose the mail after proper settings.​

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