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How To Setup Roadrunner Email On Nokia 8.1 Android Operating System?

Roadrunner Email On Nokia 8.1 Android

Have you recently bought a Nokia 8.1 on which you want to configure Roadrunner email? If yes, then do follow the guide mentioned on the link. The steps are simple and easy to understand. Roadrunner email is popular email in the U.S which is why people rely on it. In case you find any problem, you can contact experts.

Are you looking for steps to configure email on Nokia 8.1 Android phone and it happens to be Roadrunner email then read the steps given in the tutorial. The steps are easy to implement. People prefer to use Roadrunner email due to its ruggedness and reliability. They use this email for financial as well as business transactions.

If you have subscribed to any service of TWC communications, you will get complimentary email service. From the primary email account, you can create 7 different profiles for your family member. In other words, the other members of the family can maintain their own email account for free. If you are owning a new Nokia 8.1 Android phone, then Pre-requisites for set up email on it are:

  • A valid email account.
  • Email address.
  • Email app installed on your phone.

Besides this, you need a high-speed network on the device from which you are going to configure the account. The steps to setup email are mentioned below:

  1. Open email app on Nokia 8.1 and enter Roadrunner email address to start with the process. Add the account manually.
  2. Tap ‘Next’.
  3. Enter the email address.
  4. You have to enter subscription ID for verification of the user on Time Warner Email Login.
  5. Tap Next.
  6. You are now asked to setup account whether under IMAP or POP3 account type.
  7. Click on any one according to your preference. If you don’t know what is POP3 or IMAP account type, then you can do google.
  8. IMAP is preferred if you want to access email on multiple devices.
  9. Enter the password for your email account. If you are using your account after a long time and don’t know the password, then click on ‘Forgot password’ link. From this link, you can easily reset the password.
  10. In the next column, you have to enter an email address for incoming mail server settings. Enter your complete name and email address along with the domain.
  11. For security type, you have to select ‘None’ in case of incoming server settings.
  12. Enter outgoing server details like address, name and security type.
  13. Click on ‘Auto-login’ from the email screen.
  14. Click ‘Edit’.
  15. Enter the name of the email account in the next field. This name will be displayed on the receiver screen who will receive any new mail from your side.

Click ‘Take me to the demo tour’. All the features and functions will be demonstrated through video in this link. You can try new functions after this. Yes, if you are getting any problem in sending attachment along with the email, then you can easily get that fixed through this video. Visit us Roadrunner Login.

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