How To Set Up Automatic Email Reply In RR Email Configured With An Email Client On Phone?

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Mobile email applications allow you to create automatic messages to respond to contacts in periods of absence, such as vacation days. The feature is known in email clients for computers, but not everyone knows that it is also present in smartphone options. Gmail, Inbox, and Outlook are some of the few programs that offer functionality and are available for iPhone (iOS) and Android.

If you have configured your business email with any of the aforementioned email clients, then you will be able to perform that functionality. Even if you are using Roadrunner email, it is possible for you to send automatic email replies from your phone. See the tutorial on how to schedule automatic replies to the top email apps on your phone.


Step 1. Go to Gmail’s side menu and scroll to the footer to access the settings. Then choose the account to configure if there are more than one.

Step 2. Tap “Holiday Self-Answer” and turn on the key at the top of the next screen to activate the feature.

Step 3. Gmail allows you to start and stop sending automatic messages manually or programmed. If you choose the second option, set the start and end dates of the cycle. Then write the subject and body of the message. By selecting the checkbox at the bottom, you can filter the message to only the contacts registered in the Gmail calendar. In the end, press “Done”.

If you have configured your RR com email with Gmail account, then you can do the same with your Roadrunner Email Login , as the steps are completely identical as what you have followed above.

Google Inbox

Step 1. The Inbox auto-messaging feature is almost the same as Gmail. Start by accessing the side menu by tapping “Settings” and selecting the account.

Step 2. Under “Automatic Holiday Response”, activate the key to turn on the automatic sending of emails.

Step 3. Set the start and end dates for automatic submission. If you wish, you can turn off the feature at any time by turning the key at the top of the screen, just like in Gmail. Then fill in the subject and body fields of the message before pressing “Done”.


Step 1. Outlook does not allow you to create vacation responses in the mobile app, but it provides the function in browser access. Open “” and sign in with your Microsoft account. Then tap the icon on the left to open the menu and access the settings on the gear button.

Step 2. Select the “Automatic replies” option and check the “Send automatic replies” checkbox on the next screen.

Step 3. Outlook will enable a text field to type the message. Write the email and check the “Send automatic replies to anyone” option to use the response for all senders. Touch the save button at the top of the screen to move forward.

Step 4. Outlook does not provide a deadline for the auto-message, so you must always manually deactivate it. To do this, press “Automatic replies” again and uncheck the box. Finally, select the save button to change the setting.

That was all about sending automatic replies from an email client that is configured on your iOS or Android phone. If you have configured Roadrunner Webmail with an email client, then you can even set automatic email replies in it as well. If you assist Twc related issues then contact Mail Twc.

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