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How to push Roadrunner Email to your gmail account through simple steps?

It is a lot simpler to switch from one email service to another these days. Moreover, all the emails that arrive on your previous email service can be forwarded to the new one. This is what happens in RR mail when people opt out of it and choose some other email service, let’s say Gmail. It is possible to set up email forwarding with the help of host’s email.

In order to set up mail forwarding, one will have to go to RR email website and perform the necessary steps to setup email forwarding on Gmail account. Now, you must be thinking where’s the issue? Well, the issue is in email forwarding only. Road Runner is forwarding just 75% of the emails it gets, which is a matter of concern because it forces people to switch between their emails frequently and lose their precious time.

RR Mail With MS Outlook

Some people who have done this email forwarding thing is pointing out the issue at MS Outlook Express. It goes like this when MS Outlook Express retains or intercepts a particular mail, then it has got full control over it. Now, how this is affecting the issue we are discussing here is, if a person opens his/her MS Outlook Express and downloads the email or receives it while opening, then that email never reaches Roadrunner email platform. Subsequently, it never gets forwarded to Gmail as well. There could be one more assumption as to why this issue has arrived in the first place.

RR Mail With MS Outlook

As we all know that Time Warner Cable RR mail provides only 100MB of email space, and people have got 5000+ emails in their inbox from the Outlook perspective, but according to, the message count is zero. So, this is what people are dealing with and they are desperate to get a solution for this problem. What they want is 100% forwarding of the emails that they receive on RR mail to their Gmail account or any other account for that matter.

Solution 1: It’s better to check whether MS Outlook has been configured to use IMAP or POP3. If IMAP is showing on the screen, then change it to POP3 because then, it will download the mails and also delete them from the server.

Solution 2: It is also important to check if emails are available on Gmail or not. If not, then www RR com login is causing the problem.

Solution 3: You should stop checking emails with MS Outlook Express. Instead, configure your Gmail account to read emails from RoadRunner POP service and pull it directly into your Gmail account. You don’t have to do any configuration on the RR mail side. Just setup Outlook Express in order to use Gmail using IMAP. Drag all the contents that are present on your MS Outlook Express inbox into Gmail, and after that, stop using MS Outlook Express.

Try all these three solutions and I’m sure that you will be able to find a solution for this annoying problem. And you can take help of