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How To Get Roadrunner Email On Z10 Blackberry Phone?

In order to start receiving and sending the mail, you need to integrate the mail on Blackberry Z10 phone. If you have not configured yet, then follow the steps and start enjoying the mail on your personal phone.

Blackberry phones were launched with the aim to solve the purpose of business personals who want to stay connected to their business emails, especially with RR email. Now in the late ’20s, the world is changed to smartphone having iOS or Android OS installed in it. From a Blackberry phone, you can easily compose and read the incoming emails. You can configure the RR email on z30 phone through simple steps.

If you own a Z10 phone and want to configure the RR email on it, then apply the simple steps. We recommend you to configure the email under strong advice from experts. If you skip any step, then you may come across an unexpected error. The process of configuring the mail on Blackberry phone is different from other smartphone brands.

The different error messages you will find on the phone screen includes ‘Invalid email address or password’. To fix this error, crosscheck the email ID and password. You can also ask experts for the same. Try to login to the account after some time as repeated attempts to the login will result in block email. Another message that you may find on the email screen is ‘Unable to authenticate the information’. You need to verify personal information by providing answers to different questions.

The steps to fix the error message from the Roadrunner email screen are discussed here as follows.

  1. Information entered for login is incorrect. To fix the message, check the login details and enter them again.
  2. Roadrunner email accounts inactive. If you find this message on the screen, then this is due to no activity on account from last 5 months. For this, you can send a request to the server for unlocking the account and re-activating it again.
  3. Captcha entered is incorrect. It means you have entered the wrong captcha given in the box. Refresh the captcha and enter the new one again.
  4. The authentication token is incorrect or expired. Change password to fix this error message.
  5. The user is not able to access the account due to age limitation. If your age is below 18 then you will get this error message. Check the age entered in the information form.
  6. Enable 2 step verification for your RR account.


  • Login to the RR account.
  • Go to ‘Settings’ from the left corner.
  • Click on ‘Security’ followed by ‘Password’.
  • Change the password.
  • Click to generate a new password. You must check that you have linked the email ID to the password on blackberry.
  • The verification process needs to be repeated due to password went in free mode. Enter the verification code.


  1. Launch a web browser on the phone.
  2. Go to
  3. Tap to select the verification method from the given list.
  4. You will receive the verification code on your mobile number.
  5. After completion of the process, integrate the RR email into blackberry Z30 phone.
  6. You can test mail by sending mail to your friend.

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