In this blog post, we will show you the troubleshooting process for the most common 5 problems that occurred in Microsoft outlook.

MS outlook is the most usable email client in today’s IT world. The reason for being so popular is its simple interface, efficient and popular features. The tools by the Microsoft often bear the brunt of users due to frustration from hidden services. The Microsoft outlook is also one of the tool from the Microsoft.

MS outlook plays an important role in managing your work life but due to some errors whole of your activities came to halt, some being temporary one and some are serious. The common issues that we generally come across with includes sluggish working, freezing email, start-up issues and profile handling so on.

In this blog post, we will discuss the problems with their solutions too. If you made a plan to switch to other email client from the Microsoft outlook then you must go through this blog post because this may change your mind and you may quit the plan to switch to other client. You may start loving it more than ever after reading the discussion.

1st problem: Outlook too slow to activate

The regular files and attachments pile up in the PST folder and thus makes it bulky and results in slow speed and lethargic attitude.

Solution: The concrete solution is that we must remove the bigger files and everything from the PST in order to free it. Search for the folder that carries more than 100 Kb files in 2007 outlook. Delete the mails and attachment if they are none of your business. You can save the attachment for future use by clicking on save and place it in local disk. Archiving the mails can also solve your problem up to some extent. This will lessen the burden on the PST.

2nd problem: Unexpected crash of outlook

It looks cynic to hear than how a problem solver can create a trouble for you. The add-ins on the outlook help you to ease the work and sort the things in a better way but these itself start creating a problem. The heavens turn into hell with this problem. Few Add-ins are poorly written which create a problem sometimes. These corrupt the outlook unexpectedly without any prior warning. The problem can occur even while composing a mail.

Solution: If you thing that you can rule out the affected add-ins then this is not possible. The solution to this is use the outlook in safe mode and check the performance there after. The problem if then also not solved then it means that there is problem with other aspect. You can take support from the help center in this case.

3rd problem: The email doesn’t work on laptop

If you have configured the outlook on more than one computer then it may mismatch with one another.  The email attachments and content also differ on different devices.

Solution: The solution to this problem is copy paste the PST file from one device to another. Copy the mails from that computer, which contains all the message in proper order. Another solution to this problem is use IMAP protocol for sync.

4th problem: Sending a Spam mails every time.

Your friends or colleagues may receive mails from you even you have not sent to them. The reason is spam messaging which is sent by own without permission.

Solution: your computer is malware infected in this case. You have to open the email with great care. The solution to this is change the mail password. If you are not able to do it then contact the service support team. Scan the computer for viruses with the help of anti-virus program.

5th problem: Corrupted outlook PST

You are not able to access the data with corrupted PST file. The files will not open in this condition.

Solution: Run the in-built PST.exe file for this problem. This will serve your purpose.