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Fix RR Email not working issue in Samsung Galaxy S8 Email App

If RR Email fails to work in Samsung Galaxy S8, then you need to identify the reason behind the problem because only then, you will be able to get to the right solution(s). Go through the post as we have discussed tried and test solutions to fix non-functioning RR email on Galaxy S8.

Samsung Galaxy S8, one of the premium smartphones available on the market is widely used by businessmen for a variety of business-related tasks, including sending, receiving and reading emails. Today, we will be discussing two of the most common email problems that befall Samsung Galaxy S8. To know as to what those problems are and how to fix them, read on.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Email App

Problem 1: Not able to access on Galaxy S8 when outside home Wi-Fi network.

Solution: It is surprising to face such a problem especially when the site is running normally. One thing that you will have to check is whether the site can be accessed using its IP address ( If it doesn’t work, then that means there are some Internet Service Providers (ISPs), which are blocking or maybe the email can only be accessed if it is under Spectrum network.

There is no problem with the Wi-Fi network as such, but the problem lies in the domain, which has probably been restricted by Spectrum for some reason. It has been some time since Time Warner Cable (Twc Webmail) was acquired by Spectrum but there are still a number of technical issues that need to be addressed by the company. To fix the problem, you will have to get in touch with Spectrum repeatedly, until they fix the issue.

Problem 2: Galaxy S8 email doesn’t work, stopped syncing, can’t send, receive or delete emails

If you are dealing with this problem, then you need to check if it occurs on Wi-Fi network or Cellular Data or both. If the email works fine on Cellular Data, then you need to check whether incoming email settings and outgoing settings are working fine or not. If you are getting ‘Incoming Settings Error’, i.e., ‘Unable to connect to email server to verify your account information. No response from Server’ along with outgoing settings error in which the message displayed on the screen is ‘Unable to connect to email server to verify your account information. No response from server’, then you will have to follow the below-mentioned solution.


It is not always the device, which is the origin of the problem, but at times, the problem originates from the email servers or email provider’s system. If you have changed nothing on your smartphone, then the reason why you are facing the problem is due to the email server bug on the email provider’s side.

You can try the following steps in order to fix the problem:

  1. Verify if it isn’t the email account issue.
  2. Clear the cache position.
  3. Reset app preferences.
  4. Check for third-party app preferences.
  5. Use another email app.
  6. Factory reset your Galaxy S8 smartphone.
  7. Contact your email service provider.

If you come across any issue while performing any of the aforementioned steps, then contact Roadrunner Mail Login. If the problem doesn’t resolve even after performing the above-mentioned solutions, even then, you can consult RR email experts.

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