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How To Fix “Cannot Verify Server Identity” On Apple iPhone’s Mail App?

If you have configured your RR email on your iPhone’s mail app, then it must be working great. However, many users are dealing with an error, i.e., ‘Cannot Verify Server Identity’. If you too are experiencing the same error, then you need to perform certain steps given in the post in order to fix the problem.

Many iPhone users prefer sending emails via their phone’s email app, as it is quick and convenient that way. However, some of those iPhone users are experiencing a strange problem. Whenever they want to send an email to their contacts, they receive a weird notification in which it’s written that the ‘Mail app can’t verify the identity of the mail server that you are trying to connect to’. In short, the problem related to server identity occurs, which bars sending of emails. Let’s figure out how to solve this problem.

How to fix ‘Cannot Verify Server Identify’ problem?

Restart your iPhone

If you see the message of ‘cannot verify server identity’ popping up on your iPhone, then the first thing that you need to do is restart your iPhone. This basic step can fix a number of minor issues befalling your phone.

To restart your iPhone, you need to press and hold the power button until the slide to power off option appears on the screen. Using your finger, you need to swipe the red power icon from left to right in order to switch off your phone.

Wait for a minute or so and then, press and hold the power button to start the phone again. Release the power button once you see ‘Apple’ logo on the screen.

Close And Reopen Mail App

When the mail app is not working properly, you need to close the app and then, reopen it. Most of the times, the problem will be solved when you perform this step.

To close the Mail app, you need to double press the ‘Home’ button, which is going to open the ‘App Switcher’. Using a finger, you need to swipe up on the Mail app until you stop seeing it in the App Switcher.

Delete Your RR email account and then, re-add it

You need to delete your RR email account information in order to reset the server identity certificates of your RR email, which further allows your RR email account to be verified by Mail app. Deleting your RR email account on iPhone is not going to delete your actual email account.

To delete RR email account on your phone, open ‘Settings’ app, then tap ‘Accounts & Passwords’ and after that, look for RR email account under the ‘Accounts’ section. At last, tap ‘Delete Account’ button, which is given at the bottom of the screen followed by tapping ‘Delete Account’ again to confirm the deletion process.

Now, you need to re-enter the account information, which you can by opening the ‘Settings’ app followed by tapping ‘Accounts & Passwords’. After that, tap ‘Add Account’, then, select your email service, and enter the information related to it.

Reset All Settings

If you reset all settings, the entire data from settings app on the iPhone will be erased. Here is how you can erase all the settings.

  1. Open ‘Settings’ app.
  2. Tap ‘General’, then ‘Reset’ and finally, ‘Reset All Settings’.
  3. If you have a password or restrictions passcode, enter them when prompted.
  4. Now, tap ‘Reset All Settings’ when you see the confirmation alert appearing at the bottom of the phone’s display.

Performing these steps will fix the problem that you’ve been dealing with for the past several days. You will start receiving emails in your iPhone’s email app.

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