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How To Delete RR Email Instead Of Archiving It On iOS 11?

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Roadrunner webmail is one of the most popular products of Time Warner Cable Service. Roadrunner webmail is basically a complimentary email service that is given to those who opt for one or more Twc Email Login service.

If you have been given the option to use RR email, then you must have bought one or more TWC services. RR email is an email service that you will have to configure with an email client in order to access or use a webmail service.

You can access Roadrunner webmail in those two aforementioned ways. If you are using iPhone and want to configure the email on it, then that is also possible. You can search the post where I have explained the entire configuration process in detail.

If you have already configured your email on iPhone and want to know how to send unwanted emails to the iPhone’s recycle bin instead of archiving them, then that is possible.

In iOS 11, the email app is known as ‘Email’, so it doesn’t matter if you are using the app on iPhone or iPad, it will still be called ‘Email’. The app is preconfigured to archive the incoming emails. However, if you want, you can adjust the app so as to get ‘Delete’ as the first option. You can do that either by making changes in the email account’s inbox or with the Email app.

This result in emails going straight to the trash can of the app instead of an archive folder. If you want to confirm whether the email app of Apple devices is set to ‘delete’ the unwanted emails instead of archiving them, then you need to follow these steps:

Step 1. On your iOS device, you need to access the “Settings” option.

Step 2. You need to search for “Accounts and passwords” option and tap it.

Step 3. You are going to select email account that you currently use on your phone on the next screen, which in this case in RR email. After that, click the email address.

Step 4. On the next screen, you need to tap “Advanced”.

Step 5. You will find that the box right next to “Archived Messages” is checked. So, you will have to check the box corresponding to the “Deleted Messages” option.

With that, you can easily delete unwanted emails from the Email app on your iPhone without any issue. If you come across any issue, then you can take help of RR email help and support facility.

When an email is archived, it still remains present in your email account and takes the space that you didn’t want it to take. However, space is being consumed by the email and that is what you were looking to clear. Therefore, there is no point in archiving an email because it is going to do no good for you.

A better thing would be having those emails deleted from your inbox because you don’t need them. If you are facing some other issue, i.e., emails coming back into your inbox after you delete them, then you can take help of experts in order to find a solution to that problem. It is not that difficult to fix, but maybe you will not be able to do it on your own. click Roadrunner Time Warner Email.

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