How To Delete Multiple Emails From Roadrunner Email Account?

roadrunner email account

Deleting emails from an email account can sometimes be a cumbersome task, but if you do it with full presence of mind, then it’s very easy. Today, we are going to discuss different ways to delete emails based on your preference whether you want to delete single or multiple mails.

How to delete multiple mails from your Roadrunner email account?

If you want to delete multiple mails from your Roadrunner email account, then you need to select the messages from the list. You can select multiple messages at a time. The steps to delete multiple mails are:

  • Click on the message you want to delete.
  • To delete multiple messages, click ctrl+click button together and keep on selecting the messages. If you click on the message which is already selected, it will be deselected then.
  • Shift-click: When you press Shift button along with a ctrl button, then all the items within the message will be selected.
  • If you want to delete messages individually, then you can do so easily by selecting the message and click on ‘Delete’ option.
  • In the same way, Ctrl+click will delete all the messages with a single
  • You can also delete all messages on the page with a single click by pressing Shift key on the last and first item.

roadrunner email account

Note: Another shortcut method to delete all messages in a list with a single click is press ctrl+ A key of keyboard together. This will select all items available on the page. Click ‘Delete’ to erase all messages from the list.

Checkbox selection: There are some interfaces which don’t use click or ctrl+click option to delete emails. In such cases, you can click on the checkbox given next to the message. You need to check the boxes for those messages which you want to delete. If you click on the option given in the ribbon menu, then all the messages will be selected with single box tick.

Sorting techniques: To sort the messages according to your priority, you need to click on header column given above message. Click more than twice on the same header will sort the messages according to the previous format. In most of the email programs, you will find program list which is used to sort the messages. However, there are some email interfaces that use a menu and other option to inform how their display list is going to be sorted.

Attach sorting and multiple selections to delete more than one mail

To delete all mails from a particular sender, you need to follow the below-mentioned ways.

  1. Sort your emails according to ‘Sender’ or ‘From’ option.
  2. Select multiple messages with the help of shift key.
  3. Select ‘Delete’ option.

If you find that the list of messages from the selected sender is long enough and doesn’t cover in a single page, then go to next page and repeat the same process on this page. If emails are short enough to display on one page, then you are good to go. So, it all depends on a number of messages received from the particular sender.

The aforementioned technique is applicable to all criteria which you have selected.

  1. Want to delete mail from the individual.
  2. Deleting mails to a particular
  3. Want to delete mails between certain time periods.
  4. Deleting mails related to the particular
  5. If you are going to delete a mail which is having any file attached to it.
  6. Further, it depends on the capability of the email

Take Roadrunner email help for more information on this.

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