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How To Configure Roadrunner Email With Outlook 2010 Using POP Settings?

Are you looking for steps to configure Roadrunner email with MS Outlook using POP settings? If yes, then you will get all the points regarding it in the blog post. In case, you experience any issues while performing the steps, then consult www RR com help and support providers.

In order to use Roadrunner email, you can either opt for the webmail option in which you will have to open the www RR com website and enter your login details in order to access your account.

Another way of using Roadrunner email is by hooking it up with an email client. It could be any email client, but when it comes to the most popular email clients, then MS Outlook is at the top spot. If you want to configure your RR email with MS Outlook, then there are a few steps that you will have to perform in the same order in which they are given below. In the end, you will be able to configure your RR email on MS Outlook.

While there are many versions of MS Outlook on the market, but the one that is still being used by the majority of users is MS Outlook 2010. If you too are using this particular version and want to configure RR email using POP settings, then follow the steps given in the next section.

To configure Outlook 2010 for RR email account using POP:

  1. Open Outlook 2010.
  2. Click ‘Tools’.
  3. From the ‘Tools’ menu, select ‘Account Settings’. The Account Settings window opens.
  4. On the ‘Email’ tab, click ‘New’. The Add New E-mail Account wizard opens. Microsoft Exchange Server, POP3, IMAP or HTTP is selected by default.
  5. Click ‘Next’. The Auto Account setup information is displayed.
  6. In the ‘Your Name’ field, enter the name you would like on all emails sent from your account.
  7. Enter your full E-mail Address and Password.
  8. Select the ‘Manually configure server settings’ checkbox.
  9. Click ‘Next’. The Choose E-mail Service information is displayed, with ‘Internet E-mail’ selected.
  10. Click ‘Next’. The Internet Email Settings information is displayed, with POP3 selected as the account type.
  11. Enter the incoming (POP3) and outgoing (SMTP) mail server addresses.
  12. Enter your email User Name and Password.
    1. ‘Remember Password’ is selected by default. If you accept this default, you will not have to enter your password when you access your email via Outlook. Anyone who can access your PC can access your email account.
    2. Confirm that the ‘Log on Using Secure Password Authorization (SPA)’ is not checked.
  13. Click ‘More Settings’.
  14. Under the ‘Outgoing Server’ tab, you will have to tick the box given corresponding to ‘My Outgoing Server (SMTP) Requires Authentication’ option.
  15. Click the radio button given corresponding to the option labeled as ‘Use Same Settings As My Incoming Mail Server’ and then click ‘OK’.
  16. You will now have to click the ‘Advanced’ Tab in which you need to enter incoming and outgoing email server addresses.
  17. Select ‘SSL’ from the dropdown list under ‘incoming server’. The heading of the dropdown list would be ‘use the following type of encrypted connection’.
  18. Whereas for ‘Outgoing server’, select ‘TLS’ from the dropdown list with the same heading. There is no need to change the port number, but if the number automatically changes, then enter the original number that was given.
  19. Click ‘OK’ now and you are going to see internet email settings being opened.
  20. Click ‘Next’. A message is displayed, indicating that you have successfully set up your account.
  21. Click ‘Finish’, and then click ‘Close’.

With that, your RR com email is configured with MS Outlook using POP settings. You will now be able to send and receive emails in your RR email. In case, you come across any issue, then you can get in touch with RR Web Mail support providers. If you facing issues Spectrum then contact Spectrum E-Mail.

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