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Get Ready To Configure Your RR Com Email Using JMAP Protocol As It Sets To Overtake IMAP.

The majority of email users know what IMAP is. It is a common belief that IMAP is the most advanced email protocol that is being used today, which is correct to some extent, but it is not the perfect protocol. IMAP might be the best we have in today’s time, but soon, IMAP will be overtaken by JMAP. If you are using an email, let it be a business email or a free one, JMAP is the one that you’d be using in the upcoming days. If you use Roadrunner email, then you will have to configure it using JMAP if you want to keep using it in a smooth fashion.

In 2019, the protocol that could take the place of IMAP should become a standard recognized by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force).

In 2014 FastMail, a company specializing in e-mail hosting, launched an initiative to create a more modern protocol of the Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). The IMAP communication protocol is currently the one most used for receiving e-mails from the client and the one supported by all modern e-mail clients. However, IMAP is not a perfect protocol but it has various flaws – particularly when used in the mobile environment – and this is where the JMAP protocol comes into play.

JMAP is an open protocol and solves many of the typical problems of IMAP; it is built entirely using JSON and HTTP, it is faster and lighter than IMAP and one of the advantages is to associate each message with a unique ID. For the user, it is easy to configure because the parameters are the same for both receiving and sending.

In order to be recognized as a true standard, JMAP must be recognized as such by the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), the free international body that deals with the technical and technological evolution of the Internet. Work with the IETF has lasted a couple of years and JMAP should become a specific standard in 2019. So, you will have to use this protocol for configuring your RR com email because it will offer better user experience in terms of accessing email.

At this address, the details on the evolution of JMAP and interesting details such as the possibility of sending mail with flexible mechanisms, planning the sending, getting return receipts and canceling the shipment. The protocol has been simplified and made modular to allow third parties to add functionality. Calendar management has also advanced and since 2014 developers have been collaborating with CalConnect of the Calendaring and Scheduling Consortium (partnerships between vendors, developers, etc. for the definition of specific standards).

Google has in the meantime created its own protocol for Gmail but it is a proprietary and non-interoperable system. Bron Gondwana, CEO of Fastmail, explained an interview for the French magazine as to why he believes that the Google protocol is a threat to e-mail.

Obviously, we need the support of those who manage mail servers and create apps for managing e-mail. However, some mobile app manufacturers have announced their intention to integrate support for JMAP as early as next year.

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