Easy Steps To Configure Roadrunner Email On Macintosh OS X Mail.

Macintosh has recently updated its OS and is getting a good response from the market. Today, we are going to discuss steps to install Roadrunner email on OS X mail app. The steps can be easily performed on your own if you read the steps carefully.

  • Go to the ‘Mail’ app from the home screen of your machine.
  • Tap on ‘Preferences’ and go to ‘Accounts’.
  • To configure a Roadrunner account, click on the ‘+’ icon from the screen. If you find ‘Roadrunner on screen, then click on it, otherwise click on ‘Others’.
  • Enter the email service provider name in the first column.
  • Enter complete mail address and password of your TWC or RR email account in the next window.
  • Click ‘Continue’ to move to the next step. Now, you will be prompted to select the Type of account, you want to configure. You can select Either IMAP or POP3 out of given options.
  • Enter server settings manually.

POP settings for an RR email account:

  1. The account type must be selected to ‘POP3’.
  2. Incoming mail server: TWC.mail.com
  3. Outgoing mail server address: Mail.RR.com
  4. Port numbers for both incoming as well as outgoing servers are 995 and 587.
  5. If you are told to enter the server names, then enter it carefully by taking support from TWC.com link.
  6. Password: The password is the same as that of the login password for inbound and outbound servers.
  7. SMTP authentication: Click yes to select the method of Authentication.

IMAP account type:

  • Account Type: IMAP
  • Incoming mail server address: It is the same as that of POP3 type.
  • Incoming server port: 993.
  • Outgoing port: it is 587.
  • Username for inbound and outbound servers is the Email address of your account and password for the same.
  • SMTP requires Authentication: Click ‘Yes’ to confirm this.
  • Before moving further, don’t forget to click on the option which says ‘Take me to the account’.
  • Tap to create an account.
  • An envelope icon will be displayed on the top of the screen. Click to start reading mail.
  • If you want to modify any settings in the near future, then you can easily do so by getting into ‘Preferences’ menu.
  • Enter your email address for authentication purpose, then go to ‘POP server or IMAP server menu’. If you want to delete any settings, then don’t do it directly, first, take backup of important data and then delete whatever you want. You can also store the data online over the cloud. If you are using ‘SMTP’ server, then go to ‘Edit’ and change the preferences from here.
  • Change the options or settings from the next page opened on the screen. You can modify any settings according to your choice. This process is simple by double tapping the option.
  • If you want to disable or enable the SMTP authentication, then click on ‘Advance’ option and go to settings from the menu.

Click ‘Done’ to complete the setup process. You can now try sending and receiving the mail from your updated Mac OS X. If you are having any problem in configuring the mail, then you can contact TWC customer support.

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