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Do You Know Why You Are Not Being Able To Access RR Outlook Mail From TWC And Apple iPhone 6?

RR email is not working with an outlook on Apple iPhone 6 through TWC. This is forcing the users to report their issues on different forums and complaint pages. Though no concrete solution as of now is available to this problem but we will try to figure out the reason and solution to this problem.

Many users are getting the problem in using TWC email login. The problem has been especially faced by iPhone 6 users on their email account. Let’s dive into the issue in details. When users try to open the mail from iPhone, they find the servers totally break down but when they try to access the same from the desktop, they find everything working normally. They are not able to identify why and what is happening to their email account.

As the problem is being faced only by iPhone 6 users but not by iPhone 5, so it is bothering the people and they are now thinking that there is certainly some fault in their iPhone 6. They have also changed their email settings and account type to POP3 to see if the problem has been fixed or not. They believe that this is the only way to fix the problem but practically this is not the right method. Apple iPhone owns IMAP setup doesn’t allow the email servers to fetch the mails from PC when both the devices are turned on.

Apart from this, people are facing problem in accessing their email from but they are able to access via [email protected]. People have tried to contact Time Warner cable email login service and apple but get no solution in this regard as they are not being able to explain the problem properly to the team. This problem is quite annoying and is disappointing the users.

What is the solution?

Some users are not using POP3 account since long, so they are not getting such problem. The problem can be fixed by getting into ‘Mail, calendars and contact’ section from the phone settings. With this, you can leave a copy of mail in your main server. In case, this doesn’t happen, you need to login to the mail from the PC and check the POP3 or IMAP account type option if it is available on screen or not. As it has been found out that people find no problem in using their account from iPhone 5, so we can hope that changing the settings of the email account will definitely help in bringing the email experience back on iphone6. Some people are of the view that Roadrunner doesn’t work with Outlook application that is available on apple store but when same is accessed through an earlier version of the app, then everything works normally.

Though there is no clear-cut solution for this. Either it may work or not. So, if this doesn’t work in your case, then you can get instant help from RR email support team available online. You need to contact them telephonically.

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