Many people are facing problems while using Time Warner RoadRunner (ISP) mail. The problem is predominantly present on Apple iPhone 6 email account. Let us find out the exact problem and the right solution for it. When they start using Apple iPhone, the emails are brought down from the server, but when people check it on their desktops, they are not able to find it out. What people want is, operate Apple iPhone and MS Outlook separately, but this doesn’t seem to happen.

The problem has arrived in Apple iPhone 6, and not iPhone 5, which is bothering people because they are now in an impression that their iPhone 6 handsets are faulty. They also changed their email settings account type as POP3 in order to get all the mails on their desktops through their Timewarner email login account. This is perhaps the only way by which the process will work, but this is not the right way. Apple iPhone is setup as IMAP and doesn’t allow the server to retain the mails for the PC when Apple iPhone 6 is turned on.

Moreover, their TWC RR com login email account is not accessed through, but it is being accessed via People have tried contacting both Time Warner Cable and Apple, but neither of them were able to explain the root cause of the problem, let alone the solution. So, people are looking for a solution to this problem because it seems to have frustrated them. They want to know whether the issue could be resolved by using another smartphone.

Solution for this problem:

Some people haven’t used POP3 account for a long time, so they are not facing such an issue. The problem can be resolved by going into the ‘mail, contacts, calendars’ section of the corresponding email account in the Apple iPhone. With this, your smartphone will let you leave a copy on the main server. But, if this doesn’t happen, then you will have to login into your RR login email account through your PC and check if the option is present there or not. Like people have mentioned that they were able to access emails on their Apple iPhone 5 and MS Outlook, so by changing the settings, this should also work on iPhone 6 provided that the setup needs to be done in the same manner. Some people also believe that RoadRunner doesn’t work with the Outlook application that is present nowadays on the Apple app store. But, if people try to use it with the native email app of Apple in the iPhone, then it is going to work.

But, then there is no surety about this. It may work or it may not. So, if it doesn’t work, then the only option left for the people is, get in touch with RR com login mail help and support providers. They can help get a solution to this problem in the best possible way.