The connectivity issue of RR email on Android devices has become a frustrating one for people. Everybody knows how big the market share of Android devices is. More than 80% of the smartphones that are being used today have Android as their operating system. Time Warner Cable Email Login is also among the popular email services in the world, so by this, one can imagine how inconvenient it would be for the people who are using RR mail on their Android devices, but are facing connectivity issues. Their day to day tasks have been put to a stand-still due to this issue. Therefore, it is important to determine a solution for this problem. The mistake that most people make is that they use Road Runner email with IMAP and not with POP server. Emails that they delete will not be carried over to the server.

People are looking for a solution to this problem because in today’s life, people are using their smartphones to access their emails. If you are among those people who are facing the issue, here is the solution that you can follow:

To send emails:

  1. Under emails, you have to select ‘add account’. Then, in the general settings windows, you have to enter the information that is asked from you. The information may vary depending upon which smartphone you are using.
  2. Now, enter your www RR com login email ID, which is something like this: In this, NY stands for New York, so you will have to add your city’s name here.
  3. Enter your www RR com login mail password.
  4. You have the option to choose POP or POP3.
  5. Enter in the incoming email server host.
  6. In port number, you will have to enter ‘110’.
  7. Turn off ‘secure server’ option, as you don’t need it.

Now, comes the settings that you will have to change in the outgoing email:

  1. Enter ‘’ in the outgoing server host option.
  2. Set the port number to 25.
  3. Turn off the ‘secure server’ option.

The above-mentioned steps are effective in fixing the connectivity issue of TWC email login on Android devices, but if someone is still facing the same issue needs to take the help of email help and support providers. They will be able to help you in the most suitable way because they have already experienced all these issues, and they know how to get rid of these. For more information, go online and search for webmail help and support providers.