Thousands of customers who were using Time Warner RoadRunner webmail came across certain problems. The problem basically occurred when they tried using their RR mail on Apple iPhone. Since there is a separate email account for iPhone 6, so when they use their phones, emails were brought down from the main server, but when people had a look on their PCs, those emails were not present. People are looking for a way to use Apple iPhone and MS Outlook separately, but it is not happening at all.

This problem was not present in Apple iPhone 5, but is now coming in Apple iPhone 6. This is further adding to the chaos because people are thinking as if Apple iPhone 6 is a faulty device. In order to remain safe, they also changed email settings account type as POP3, so that the mails are received on their PCs through their Time Warner email login account. This seems to be the only way through which the process is going to work, but is it the right way? Well, that is debatable because Apple iPhone is setup as IMAP by default and it is not going to allow the server to have emails for the desktop when the phone is turned on.

On top of that, their TWC email login account can’t be accessed via Though, it can be used through In order to find a solution for this problem, people have gotten in touch with the experts of both TWC and Apple, but none of those were able to provide a significant explanation about the issue, let alone any fix. People are looking to get a solution as early as possible.


Those who haven’t used POP3 account for past few months haven’t faced this issue. Those who are facing the issue can go to settings of their Apple iPhone followed by clicking ‘mail, contacts, calendars’ section of that email account, which they want to separate. By doing this, the smartphone is going to make arrangements to leave them a copy of the emails on the server. By chance, it this doesn’t happen, then they can sign into their RR email account through their desktops and see if the option is available there or not. People were able to access emails on iPhone 5 and Outlook, so there is a chance that the things will work by changing the settings. Many people have also found that RR email doesn’t work with MS Outlook app that is available on Apple App Store. So, they can trying using it with the native email app because that will work.

But, if there is any problem after this as well, then it will be better to take help of www RR com experts because they know how to resolve the complicated issues as well.