RoadRunner as we all know is an email service by Time Warner Cable service. TWC is a big firm that is into several businesses, but RoadRunner email is one of the prime services that TWC has in the offering. RoadRunner is a great email service, which offers more features than any other email service. RR mail is a competent email service, which people can access anytime, anywhere. But, since it is a webmail service, so it is prone to technical issues. It doesn’t matter whether the email service is used on the PC or a smartphone, problems can arise.

Many people are using RR email on their Apple iPhone 6, but they are observing issues while accessing their email accounts. Let us get into the detail of the issue; when Apple iPhone is turned on, they can easily access all their emails from the RR server. The problem occurs, when RR users try to access the mails on the desktop. It is not possible for them to access the mails, as they can’t see those. They have tried configuring their email with Outlook as well, but that has not solved the issue because they are looking to operate iPhone and Outlook separately. The problem was not there in the previous models of iPhone, but it has begun on iPhone 6 only.

It is important to change Road Runner Web Mail settings account type to POP3 so that the mails can be viewed on the desktop through Time Warner Cable account. By doing this, things would have worked, but the problem is that emails on iPhone works on IMAP, which makes it difficult for the server to retrieve RR com emails for desktop once the iPhone is turned on.

Many people have also complained that they are not able to use Time Warner Cable account through What they have to do is, use ‘yourusername’ Some RR users have also contacted RoadRunner help and support providers by taking the number from www RR com.

Possible Solution:

The issue can be resolved by changing a few settings in Apple iPhone, i.e., ‘Mail, Contacts, Calendars’. Under this option, they will have to open the menu of each email account that you are using, as it will allow you to save a copy of the mails on the main server. In case, this process doesn’t work, then Apple iPhone users should do RR com login account using their computer or Notebook. This particular process works well on iPhone 5, and so, people are sure that it will work on iPhone 6 as well.

Many experts also believe that www RR com login is not going to work with Outlook app, which is made for iOS. So, this has brought a bad news for iPhone users. But, there is one more thing regarding RR mail that, it works on the native email app of iPhone. These are some of the alternatives that people can try in order to access RR mail in Apple iPhone.