This blog explains the process of forwarding emails from RoadRunner platform to other email addresses. If you are not aware of the steps, then you must read this blog post.

There are many reasons to forward emails from RR mail to other email addresses. It could be due to the disliking of the users, technical glitches or better features. Whatever the reason is, emails can be forwarded from Road Runner web mail to another email address. But there are certain steps to follow in order to do so. There are so many webmail services that users can opt for such as, Yahoo, Gmail, MSN, Hotmail and more. What do you think how much easy or difficult will it be to activate the forward feature with RR?

Let me tell you, activating the forward feature is very easy with RR. In order to activate the feature, you have to go to RR com login and enter your username and password. Once you have logged into your account, you have to find ‘settings’ option and click on it.

Here are the steps that you have to do:

1. So, you are in the ‘settings’ section, so now, you will see the option ‘customize mailbox options’.

2. Now, you will be at ‘forwarding’ section, so you will see a title by the name of ‘setup mail forwarding right under’. Just next to this title, you are going to see ‘forwarding address’ alongside of which, there is a text written that says, “In order to forward the emails to other email addresses, type them here, but make sure that they are separated by commas”.

You will have to enter all the email addresses that you wish to use for the email forwarding in a small white box. There are certain rules that you need to follow. You can read these rules on the right side of the page, as these rules allow you to select the right action for email forwarding.

  1. Disable forwarding: With this option, you can cancel the email forwarding.
  2. Forward the emails and keep a copy: In this, you can keep a copy of your emails while it forwards one copy to the forwarded email.
  3. Forward and discard: In this, the message will be sent and deleted automatically.

The best option to choose is the 2nd option because it is a safe option that will make sure that you have a copy just in case you forwarded the email and it didn’t reach the new email address.

Click ‘OK’ button to activate the forwarding click. This completes the forwarding of messages from www RR com login to new email addresses.

If you want to play it all safe, then you have to test the email forwarding first. For that, you can try sending a mail to another email address that you wish to use in the future. If the email has been sent properly, then you can start the process in bulk, otherwise check why the email has not been delivered on that other email address. If you don’t have an email address for the webmail service that you wish to use, then you can create it.

There aren’t many people who switch from RoadRunner platform, but if you are not finding this platform great, then it is better that you move out of Time Warner cable service to some other platform. It is a fact that RR email service has not brought the necessary changes that it was supposed to bring. Whereas other email services have gotten advanced with time, thus pushing RR webmail to the corner.

So, if you are not clear with the process of forwarding your emails to another email service, then go to www RR com and search for the same over there.