There are various email server errors that we don’t bother much about, but then there are some errors that can halt the operation of an email service. Today, we are going to discuss one such error that has appeared in Road Runner web mail. The error is ‘email server error 501’. What it this error all about, how it occurs and all other related questions will be answered in this blog post, so pay a close attention here.

Many people are using Windows Live Mail as their Time Warner Cable RR email client. It was going smoothly except the day when they tried to send an email, which apparently failed due to 501 error. They were not able to make out what this error is and how it occurred in the first place. Just imagine, everything is working fine in one moment, and the very next moment, things get totally topsy-turvy. This is what has happened to them.

The email cannot be sent. What followed after this line was, ‘your (SMTP) outgoing email server setting will have to be re-configured. In order to determine the settings of the server, you will have to get in touch with your RR com login service provider.

What Is RR Email Email Server Error 501 And How It Can Be Fixed

  1. Server Error: 501.
  2. Server: ‘’.
  3. Server Response: 501 5.5.2 RCPT TO Syntax error.
  4. Port: 587 or 25.
  5. Windows Live Mail Error ID: 0x800CCC79.
  6. Secure (SSL): No.

What surprised them most is the fact that they haven’t come across any such error in the past and neither had they done anything weird to let such an error appear. It has just appeared on its own, and despite various efforts, it is not going away. Every time, they are trying to check Windows Live Mail, they are getting the exact same message, i.e., ‘email cannot be sent’. Just imagine this popup appearing every single time when you try to check your emails at RR com login mail. How frustrating it is for the people who are itching to send an important mail, but due to this stupid error, they can’t do so.

Some have even tried to shut my email client down, but as they did that, they saw a different popup coming on the screen, which says, “You have unsent message in your outbox”. This message appears on the behalf of Windows Live mail. In the message there is one more thing that is asked, i.e., ‘if you wish to send emails now’. But, there aren’t any items present in the email outbox. People are looking to fix this issue so that they can use their Timewarner email login once again.

It’s not sure whether the problem is in the settings or in the browser. So, there is one thing that you can do and i.e., you can go online and search for email help and support providers. They will fix the issue or at least guide you regarding it. You can go to official site of the company and explain them the error that you are facing.