Many people face different issues in using their RR email for the very first time. This can be really annoying as you have to do a lot of important stuff with your mail account. Sometimes, the issue is small and need just a little knowledge of the system but at times you may also need an expert help for the resolution of the issue.

Various issues such as login problems, email account settings; etc., can be faced by many of us. In such case we must get connected to the RR mail service provider for an instant support for the issues. Make sure that only a genuine service provider can help you out in getting your job done, so you must only seek for genuine help.

Here are the various issues that can be faced while using RR mail

If you face issues in connecting to the mail server for logging in:

Sometimes we face difficulty in connecting to the mail server for accessing our mail account. This can be probably due to the poor internet connection or just another issue related with your device. Some people access their mail services from their smart-phone, but proper setting up of the mail on the phone is essentially important before using it.

You must ensure that you have correctly installed the mail over your phone or any other device before using it. This will eliminate any chance of getting problems with reading and sending of mails. Apart from this, you can have an issue due to a bad internet connection. First of all check your internet connection and enquire that it is working properly or not. If the internet seems to be working fine, then you must call the RR email customer care service providers for an instant help.

They will properly assist you and will eventually tackle the issue which is preventing you to log in to your account. Make sure that you have the correct contact number. You can get the genuine contact number from the company’s official website at www RR com.

Error in loading your emails or unable to send emails

If you are a frequent user of RR mail, then you must be aware of the fact that it might sometimes cause issues that prevents you to use the mail properly and resulting in poor functionality of sending and receiving emails. This issue can be easily resolved by checking the root cause of this issue. It is generally caused due to the web browser’s history and cache. You must clear the web history and cache before submitting a request for logging in to your mail account.

This will perfectly help you in getting an access to your account and now will help you in sending and receiving emails on your device without any issues. Sometimes, it is often seen that you may not receive a notification on your home screen, but that does not means that your mail account is not working. Check for your device’s setting and enable push notifications for mail. If you still face any issue then you may contact the service provider anytime at www RR com loginThey will help you out in treating any of the issue and resolving it in a short time.

How to get connected with the official service providers of RR mail

You just need to visit the official website and search for customer care services. You must click on the chat now option in order to get a support through a chat session with the customer care representative or alternatively make a call to them and get an instant support service over the phone.