This blog is about the common email issues that people face while accessing RR email in their Samsung Galaxy S7. We have covered these issues along with the most appropriate solution.

RR mail loginSamsung Galaxy 7 has done extremely well after it has hit the market a few months ago. The mobile phone is equipped with a countless number of features, which are extremely amazing and useful for users. Now, there are many new features that are related to email, which is present in Samsung Galaxy 7. But, what if this smartphone doesn’t display emails in the right way? When you open the email app, you can’t see anything, but a blank screen, so what will you do? In this blog post, we are going to discuss the most common email problems that occur while opening the same on Samsung Galaxy 7.

  • Issue: Experiencing certificate error while setting a business email on Samsung Galaxy 7.

Solution: The first thing to do is verify the mail settings. If you are using RR mail, even then, you have to check whether the settings you see conforms with what is given on the official RoadRunner website. If after checking the settings, the problem persists, then you need to contact the email support provider.

  • Issue: Email account setup as an IMAP account, but I want it to work with a POP. How to setup a POP account, so that I can have all my emails visible on my Samsung Galaxy S7.

Solution: With other emails, setting up an account using IMAP or POP3 is not a problem, but with Road Runner web mail, it is. To setup your account with S7, you need to use the official RR email app. By doing this, you will not experience issues like you are experiencing it now.

  • Issue: How to setup POP3 account on Samsung Galaxy S7 on Wi-Fi network? The smartphone is not able to find the email server, thus creating issues for the people.

Solution: The problem could be with the connectivity of the device because it is only when you are trying to reach the email servers using Wi-Fi connection that the problem is arising. So, you have to check whether other websites are working on that same Wi-Fi network or not. Go to www RR com login settings to see if there is any wrong settings that have been enabled by you or by default.

  • rr email accountIssue: Not able to save the changes made in SMTP settings and authentication settings. Also, there is no option to use POP3 settings for SMTP, which is creating issues.

Solution: The problem occurs when you frequently change your network from mobile data to Wi-Fi. So, you need to make sure that the internet connection. There is an option to use POP3, which you can find while setting up your RR com login mail, which also means that you will have to setup your mail account again in order to change between POP3 and IMAP.

  • Issue: How to have an email summary so that mass deleting can be done instead of selecting mail one by one. Moreover, how to make arrangements so that the open email closes automatically after the reply has been sent.

Solution: People who are using Samsung Galaxy S7 can sort out the messages by date. There are no special settings to sort messages day-wise. Answering the next question; there is no way to setup the www RR com email app to close automatically after sending and forwarding email messages. This needs to be done manually.

If you are more issues related to using Time Warner Cable RoadRunner mail, then you can take the help of email help providers. They will be able to help you get rid of the issues.