We are going to discuss the advantages of switching your Roadrunner account from RR com login to outlook.com. Today, in this post we will let you know the features and Reasons to change your Roadrunner email account to outlook.com.

  1. rr mail loginIt is quite familiar to us that all the email service providers use POP based account servers to login to account because, in this type of servers, your message will delete only from the device but not from the server. To delete the message from the server you need to use IMAP account.
  2. RR login account will send the message from your iPhone if your PC or laptop is not connected to the home Wi-Fi network. This means that you will not be able to send a single message from your account until and unless you are connected to the home Roadrunner network.
  3. In case you have changed your internet service provider recently, then you may lose your Time Warner Cable
  4. Some users are even getting 2-3 spam messages per day in their account inbox folder but earlier they were not receiving any such message in their inbox.

Now, after a workaround, we have found out that this problem is totally fixed in outlook.com and the syncing between the mobile, laptop and webmail is best seen in the outlook.com.

Now, we are going to discuss the marvelous features of outlook.com with you.

  • This webmail is clean and free from clutters. You can easily drag-drop the messages in outlook.com.
  • Outlook 2012 has another outstanding sync feature which allows you to directly update your account server. You can easily transfer Time Warner Email  messages to Outlook platform with synchronization feature.
  • There is only need to enter the username and password for your RR Email login, rest everything will be fetched and processed by the outlook.com itself.
  • You can setup Roadrunner email account on your phone in less than 5 minutes. This has become possible because all the settings of your email program are already installed on your phone, so you don’t need to download any from the internet. Apart from this if you have deleted any message from TWC email login, then it will be still available on your rr mail loginphone.
  • Easy sorting functions like a flag, delete, move and achieve.
  • Outlook automatically cleans your inbox after certain time period.
  • There is an unsubscribe tool available in the webmail through which you can filter unnecessary messages from the inbox and also prevent them from receiving in future. All the promotional and advertisements are included on the barred list. Go to www RR com login and start browsing the important business emails
  • Another marvelous feature of this mail is that you can protect your friend’s account from being hacked by checking the phishing mail if received any in your inbox. Any spam messages if reported can be directly sent to the outlook.com server.
  • Switching from MSN, Roadrunner, Hotmail, and Yahoo to Outlook. Com is quite easy. You can easily transfer the files to the new webmail without any problem.
  • Apart from the above-mentioned characteristics, there is one more important feature i: e, sharing of dozens of photos in a single go. There is no need to attach the files in more than one mail. Share up to 30 MB attachment through a single This feature is absent in www RR com login mail.
  • Last but not the least feature of webmail is that if you don’t want to share your TWC Email login with any retailer, then you can create a separate account for those by adding an alias to your email address. All the unimportant mails will then start receiving on this new mail address.