We are all aware of the fact that it is not unusual for an email service to go down occasionally. Problems in electronic devices and web based services are inevitable, but if the backup mechanism is fast, then things can be brought back to normal state in no time. Users don’t really bother much about temporary down times, but if an email service is down for days, then that can frustrate the people. This thing is happening to people who are using Road Runner web mail.

It has been days that people are not being able to send or receive emails in a timely manner. They have tried all sorts of things to restore the working of the email service, but they think that it is not in their hands to rectify the issue. The issue is from the company’s side and they are the ones who should be fixing it.

What’s more infuriating is that TWC account hasn’t offered any update as to when this issue is going to get resolved. There has been nothing in regards to this problem, and this is forcing people to think whether they should stay on this platform or leave it. For many people, TWC email account is their primary email, and when issues like this happen, then it certainly create a bad taste in the mouth of the people.

The problem was first identified a couple of years ago, and even then, the situation was similar to what it is today. People were not able to send and receive emails properly, and there was no update from the company as well. At that time, the company blamed the issue on a glitch in the database. According to many people, the company is being insensitive because they are not acknowledging the issue, let alone giving any resolution for the same. People have put all sorts of comments on the forums, which depict their anger and sadness over the faulty email service. Their work has suffered a big time due to this ‘database glitch’. The company has to do something in order to fix the problem, or else they are going to see an exponential dip in the user base.

Some people are also waiting for the RR mail login deal with Comcast, which has been rumoured for days. People truly believe that once the deal is finalized, they can expect better services and a better support from the company.

In the meantime, people will have to bear with the company’s sloppiness of addressing the issue in RR mail and finding a solution for the same. There is one option that people should try, i.e., getting in touch with email experts. They know each and every detail regarding top email services, so they will be able to provide precise assistance to all those who have been suffering in the hands of RR com mail. So, getting their help will also be a great option.