How to determine your email server quota?

There is always a storage limit on mail servers that one can’t go beyond. This storage limit varies from server to server, but if you’d ask what it is generally, then it is around 100 MB to 500 MB on the servers used for corporate purposes. When it comes to free mail providers such as Gmail, then you will get literally unlimited storage limit. Gmail offers 7600MB space, which is very hard to fill. Other email providers such as Yahoo! And GMX offer unlimited storage limits.

How to find out the server quota allotted to me?

Everything depends upon your server. If you are using a free server, then you will have to search regarding the quota limit on the support articles. If you are using a corporate email server, then it is the administrator whom you should be asking.

If you happens to use an IMAP account, then you can easily find out the quota you’ve been allocated. But, it is not always present. So, to check the quota limit, here are the steps that you can follow:

  • You can see if there is any quota indicated in the ‘properties’ of your folder. For that, right click on the inbox folder, click properties followed by ‘quota’.
  • You will have to wait until the quota indication is displayed in the status bar. The indication will only be shown, if the storage capacity is filled more than 75%.
  • You can also have an add-on in the web browser that will display your quota.

Is there a way to decrease the emails’ size on the server?

You can clean up your server, but you need to find answers to these questions

1. How big are the folders?

You can view the size of the folders by adding an add-on in your web browser. You can easily get an add-on if you are using Mozilla Firefox.

2. How big are emails?

It is important for you to select the option with which you can see ‘size’ column in the email pane.

POP Server

If you are using a POP server, then you can easily download all the incoming messages to your PC. You can choose particular messages to stay on the server for as long as you want. If you want to free a bit of the space, then you should:

  1. Check the present size of inbox folder.
  2. Get rid of older mails in the inbox, particularly those, which are large in size. To find out the mails with largest sizes, you can arrange them in such a way.
  3. You can also move some of your emails by archiving them. You can also remove them from the server, and they will only remain locally.
  4. Now, you have to check the size of the inbox folder to ensure whether it has decreased or not. If not, then you have the option to compact the folder.

IMAP Server

If you want to free some space in IMAP mail server, then you should:

  1. Remove a few older mails in the folders, particularly those with a large size. You can arrange the mails in such a way that mails with largest size come at the top.
  2. Detach the attachment if you don’t want to keep the attachment in the mail anymore because attachments rake up most of the space.
  3. Archive a few older emails, which are not that important anymore. Don’t move the mails to some other folder on IMAP server, as that won’t make any space. You have to archive the mails under ‘local folders’ account.