Being the fine personal information manager, Outlook has been the most useful part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Generally used as the email application, the app also includes a task manager, note taking, calendar, web browsing, and journal. It is highly workable with the Microsoft Sharepoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server for multiple users in any organization, like the exchanging of folders, sharing calendars and mailboxes, and also meeting according to the schedule. The tech giant has also released the mobile app for many platforms, including Android and iOS.

Well, besides all the features, one of the most important features of the Microsoft Outlook 2016 is to enable you to set the reminders for all your important emails in order to respond according to all the emails on time. This is the reason we have come up with the way to apply the custom reminders to all the Outlook messages.

Set up the outlook reminder for all your important email messages

If you are being one of the Windows Central editors and writers, you seem to get tons of emails. Well, we can’t really provide the fine help there, but we can simply ensure that you don’t forget to reply to all the important messages on time and also get the fine responses according to the certain time or date.

Let’s get the fine way to set up the reminders for all the Outlook email messages.

  1. Firstly, heads to the top side of the Outlook screen, and then tap on the Home tab in the horizontal bar. (It’s the second number tab from the left).
  2. Now, simply tap on the email to which you are willing to add a reminder to choose it.
  3. Below the Home tab, head to the Tags box, and tap Follow up to unlock the parallel drop down menu.
  4. Simply scroll down to the center of the Menu and select Add Reminder.
  5. Now in the Custom box, simply tap to unlock the Flag to box, and then head to select the desired action, which can have the different options list, including Follow up, Reply, No response necessary, and Forward.
  6. In order to add down a reminder alert, just be sure that next to the Reminder at the center of the box has been checked.
  7. Below the reminder box, you will get the first drop-down menu, just select the date on which you are willing to receive your reminder.
  8. Now in the second drop-down menu, you need to select the time that you are willing to receive the reminder. The drop down menu render times in 30 minutes increase, but here you can also type your own number in the time field in order to get the alert according to your time.
  9. If you are willing to have a custom audio tone, simply tap the smaller speaker icon. Head to the location of the audio file on your PC, just tap Open and then select OK to add the file.
  10. Lastly, just click OK to save the Outlook reminder alert.
  1. After adding an alert to a message, you will witness a small bell next in your inbox.
  2. You will also witness a red flag in your inbox. After responding, if you wish to remove the flag, simply tap it and you will witness a green icon.