The information given in this blog post may generate serious doubts in your mind regarding the security of Road Runner web mail. It has been taken into the observation that every single time your mail client takes a look at your mailbox using standard POP3 protocol, then two most important things that you should only have, i.e., your username and password are transferred over the web.

What this means? Well, in simple language, anybody who has an access to the login session of your email client can check out what your username and password is, given the login session has your mail server. He/she can also read all the emails present in your mailbox. Not just that, but, they can read all your future emails as well, and you would know nothing about it. They can also send spam emails to your contacts which can land you in the soup. Spamming has become a serious crime these days, so you must have to take care of your RR mail.

Internet is becoming more vulnerable with every passing day. Internet was a lot safer half-a-decade ago than it is now. People are practicing all sorts of methods to dupe people of their money.

If you want to make sure that no one can steal your RR com login information, then you will have to POP your mail by making use of SSL (Secure Socket Layer) connection. What this will do, this is going to make sure that all the data that is exchanged between your email client and server becomes encrypted. This will be done with a digital security certificate. Then, it will be impossible for any unauthorized person to steal your www RR com login details.

Many people have contacted Time Warner cable technical support regarding the same issue, and they were told that there isn’t any SSL connection available for RR email servers. It is quite weird because SSL connections are so common these days. If they continue to ignore the fact that people are worried about their emails, then RR com users will have no other option, but to switch over to some other reliable platform where username and password are safe.

This safety problem is only arising in those email platforms that use POP3 interface, such as MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Eudora and more. It is very important for Time Warner to come up with some plans to beef up the security, so that people don’t feel sceptical about the platform. The company should know that there are multiple email service providers available on the web, and people will not wait before taking the decision to switch over to another platform. If you are now worried that one day you find dozens of emails in your ‘sent mail’ section, which are not sent by you, then what are you going to do? To avoid such situations, you can log onto www RR com and explain the problem to them. They will definitely help fix the problem or at least tell you what to do so that your email account doesn’t get compromised.