RoadRunner is a product by Time Warner Cable service, which we all know is a production house, but they are into many other businesses as well. RoadRunner web mail is also quite popular in the world because it offers more features than any other email service. But, since we are talking about a web based email service, then how could we forget that it can malfunction at any point of time. In this blog post, we are going to discuss how RR mail is creating problems in iPhone 6.

People are using Time Warner Road Runner web mail account on their iPhone 6 email account, and they are not able to access their email, despite various attempts. What happens with them is, when Apple iPhone is on, they are able to get all the emails from the server, but the problem occurs when they try to see those mails on the desktop. They are not able to do so. People have configured their RR email with MS Outlook, but they want their Apple iPhone and MS Outlook to operate separately. When people were using previous models of Apple iPhone, then they haven’t got any such problem, but when they moved onto iPhone 6, the problem started appearing.

People have to change the mail settings account type to POP3 in order to get their emails on desktop through their TWC account. This is the only way how it could have worked. As we all know that Apple iPhone is setup as IMAP, and it doesn’t allow the server to retrieve www RR com login emails for desktop after the phone is on. Some people are also not able to access TWC account via Instead, they have to use They have also contacted the support providers, but haven’t received appropriate response from there. By support providers I mean, Apple support and also Time Warner Support. Now, they all are looking for useful tips that could help resolve this issue once and for all.

Possible Solution:

Many experts think that there are settings in the iPhone, i.e., in the Mail, contacts, calendars menu of the respective email account that will permit them to spare a copy on the main server. If this doesn’t work, then people will have to log into their RR com login account using PC or laptop and check out if the option is present or not. This procedure works on iPhone 5, so it must work on iPhone 6 in the exact same manner.

There is another faction of experts who believe that www RR com mail doesn’t work with Outlook app for iPhone. This may disappoint many people who were looking for a solution. They also have to say that RR mail work with the Apple native email app in iPhone. So, they can use that to access their emails. Now, there are certain alternative options that can be used to access emails, and people can try these.