A vast majority of people are using Thunderbird email. While it is easy to configure Thunderbird mail with any other email service, but when people tried to configure Thunderbird with TWC email login account, they got problems. They received a message from Thunderbird on their computer screens that ‘it is not possible to send password’. Their respective email server also responded that ‘please send PASS command’. When they tried to enter their passwords manually, they go the same message.

It’s not that people have tried syncing Thunderbird and Road Runner platform for the first time, but they have been using both the platforms for quite long. There hasn’t been any issue before, but suddenly, this problem has come to the fore. If they use internet explorer, then they can easily connect to their RR email without any problem. But, if the same is done through Thunderbird, then there are problems.

Roadrunner Email Not Working With Thunderbird, What’s The Problem

They have tried contacting Time Warner email login support, but got no help whatsoever. The reason why they were not able to help is because they don’t support email clients anymore. So, what they told all those people is to go and take help from Mozilla support. People are desperately looking for help. There are many experts who can help them, but they want to know a few things from them.

It is important to keep in mind that connecting with a webmail page of www RR comaccount entails different servers than those, which got involved at the time when Thunderbird used the account. So, if they are saying that RR com login mail is working fine with Internet Explorer doesn’t really prove anything.

So, there are some questions which all those people need an answer to. Here are those questions:

  1. Which Thunderbird version are you using now? To know about it, go to ‘help’ followed by ‘about version’.
  2. Check the server settings if they are OK or not. Things to check in the server settings are; server name, port number, authentication method and the options for ‘connection security’. These can be checked by going to ‘tools’, then ‘account settings’, ‘account’ and finally, ‘server settings’.

People will be able to find the root cause of the problem and thus, fix it accordingly. There is one more important point that I would like to discuss, i.e., Time Warner Cable has been rolling out server and domain migrations for quite some time, so it will be a better option to migrate instead of getting into this technical maze. But, if someone wants to fix this issue, then he/she is free to do so. The only thing he/she has to keep in mind that the server settings that are being used are correct.

If the problem doesn’t get resolved, then don’t make a delay in contacting RoadRunner help and support services. They are the ones who can help fix the problem in the best possible way, so immediately take their support.