If you’re one of them those who are struggling with e-mail and SMTP issues then here we have facile steps to resolve them. Take a glimpse at the following content.

rr mailMany users access their Time Warner Road Runner email accounts while they are not linked to the Time Warner Road Runner network. While they could use, the webmail given by Time Warner, they were searching for a fixation to keep using their Outlook, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Thunderbird and iPhone when outside a Road Runner connection.

Firstly, Time Warner should change their policy that blocks outgoing mail from verified users that are not on Road Runner at the moment. However, at least they have offered access, although is non-intuitive, by providing substitute settings that you can plug into your e-mail program or iPhone.

The issue isn’t incoming e-mail. You can probably already see your incoming e-mail. The issue is outgoing mail via their SMTP outgoing mail service. The fixation is to use the following personalized settings for outgoing SMTP e-mail:

The outgoing SMTP server setting will be something same to smtp-server. <your location>. rr.com where <location> will be something linked to your topographic area. Here is an example for central NY:


(Check your incoming (POP) settings to see the topographic part of the server settings if rr mailyou’re not sure or you need to get in touch with your Time Warner Road Runner office.)

The SMTP server needs password verification, but not SSL.

Unlike the user name for incoming (POP), you will require using your complete email address (counting @ symbol). In contrast, the incoming (POP) user name setting only needs the first part of your mail address.

Your password for SMTP will be the same as your normal e-mail account password.

The port setting for the SMTP server will need to converse to 587. Even if your e-mail program states that 587 is one of the ‘default’ ports, it works better to select to particularly made port 587.

That should resolve your outgoing SMTP access problems. You may need to save your settings and start again your email application before it works.

rr comSome users of Road Runner skill these settings and instead opt for something like a Gmail account which they use for MSTP and have their Gmail emails forward to their account of Road Runner. They also set the ‘reply-to’ settings in their e-mail application to be their address of Road Runner. That’s another style.

Finally, we should say that we do not use a Road Runner e-mail account so we cannot vouch for the long-term usage of these settings. If your e-mail account is analytical to your business, we suggest that you begin using a separate e-mail account with your personal domain name. Otherwise, if you elect to cancel your Road Runner service in coming time, it will possibly mean that your Road Runner e-mail account will be canceled as well.