Outlook has been the most useful part of the Microsoft Office Suite. Generally used as the email application, the app also includes a task manager, note taking, calendar, web browsing, and journal. It is highly workable with the Microsoft Sharepoint Server and Microsoft Exchange Server for multiple users in any organization, like the exchanging of folders, sharing calendars and mailboxes, and also meeting according to the schedule. Many platforms like Android and iOS has got the mobile app from Microsoft.

Besides outlook, if you are one of the fine users of Time Warner Cable internet, then you must be using the best Roadrunner Webmail service, which is free email service that offers many things to its potential users. One of the noticeable features of the email service is that it renders the customizable privacy settings to all the customers within the email. But, the access to the email is actually restricted to all those users who have got the time warner accounts and it can only be used through the browser or through any email client.

In case, if your business is using the Roadrunner as the fine internet service provider, then your package must have included multiple email accounts. If you are able to check out the email on the provider’s website, you can also add up the account to Outlook to always keep a check over the Roadrunner and other accounts from different email addresses at a single place. So, if you got multiple Roadrunner email address, it will be quite fine to add them all to Outlook to be a time saver. In order to add up, just follow up the following way:

  1. Firstly tap the Outlook “File” button and tap “Add account” in the right panel. Tap “Manually Configure Server Settings or Additional Server Types”, as Roadrunner requires a manual configuration.
  2. Now choose “Internet E-mail” as the type of account. Just enter the full name and the Roadrunner email address in the first two boxes.
  3. Now head to tap the “Account type” drop-down list and then choose “POP3”. Simply enter “pop-server.domain.rr.com” as the fine incoming mail server and the “smtp-server.domain.rr.com” acting as the outgoing server, which is simply replacing the “domain” with the showing of state abbreviation in the email address.
  4. Just head to enter the correct Roadrunner username and the password in the listed fields. Now just tap the “Remember Password” checkbox in order to save the password.
  5. Lastly, tap on the “Next” in order to verify that the settings of Roadrunner have been configured correctly. Now simply tap “Close” and “Finish” to complete the process of adding the roadrunner to the Outlook.

If the process don’t work or you just get stuck with any issue, simply navigate to professionals for better guidance and assistance.