RoadRunner is an internet based electronic-mail service also known by Time warner cable. It is simple to use its email can use various features and access their mail from any computer free of cost. There must be required an internet connection on the PC to access the RR mail. Now we will discuss the adoring features of RR email, which it comprises of:

  1. Sufficient storage capacity: you can store as many no of emails as you want in your RR email. You can store up to 1 GB data in your mail account. It can be further enhanced depends upon your package you purchased.
  1. Message sorting feature: you can add online address book and sort messages according to you. If you want to keep message with you then you can save it otherwise you have option to delete irrelevant messages.
  1. Easy to navigate: You can easily navigate your messages between inbox and spam or between trash and outbox from your RR com login email page.
  1. Simple to use: this free webmail is easy to use. You just need to create an account on www RR com login page. After completing the process, you can easily access your email.
  1. Secure mail transfer: There is proper encryption of data from end to end point. No one can read or hack your data in between. Only sender and receiver end can read.
  1. Fast: The service provided by Time Warner Cable to Road Runner webmail service is very fast and reliable. Time warner cable provides its fast internet services to RR web mail.
  1. Blocking capacity: This mail service can block any unauthorized senders from sending messages to third person in form of phishing mail.
  1. Validation of sender: It first validate the sender at receiver’s end by checking the frequency of mails received from same sender in a day.
  1. Easy configuration: You can easily setup or merge it with third party clients like Microsoft outlook.
  1. Anti-virus protection: There is proper protection of data from hacker or any data lost during the sending. Anti-virus protects it from the data loss and blocks the spam messages from irrelevant companies or person.
  1. Easy access from phone: Now you can easily access your Road Runner web mail from your Smart devices like mobile or tablet through mail2web service. Its server will automatically forward the incoming mail onto your phone through Microsoft exchange server.
  1. 24/7 support: If you face any problem related to its working, you can take support from www RR com link or call at customer care number available 24/7.

With lot of feature built in, there may sometimes possibility of some technical issue too, that needs to be analyzed or fixed. Some of them can be easily figured out but some are not. Road Runner Web mail also provides customer service support to its user. 24 by 7 Road Runner support covers the following issues:

  • Issues related to signing up or creating a new account with TWC mail on RR com link.
  • Problem related to sending an email and how to open your email.
  • Email attachment related issues.
  • Getting username and e-mail.
  • Resetting of password due to some security issue.
  • Support relate to phone number pop3 account.
  • Road runner server related issues.
  • If you are not able to delete the mails from inbox.
  • Fixing of issues related to transfer protocol.
  • Road Runner email support for iPhone.
  • Problem in changing the security question.
  • Issue related to merging of email with outlook.
  • Hacking problem.
  • Email delivery failure.
  • Can’t able to receive the email.
  • Problem of spam e-mails in RR account.

Road runner support service will definitely solve these issues either telephonically or through internet.