Many times, people feel that the mail they have sent should not be sent. But, then nothing can be done as the arrow has left the bow and now, it will hit the target. The mail once sent is going to be delivered to the receiver and nothing can be done about it. That’s what people used to think up till now, but if the reality is seen, then there is a possibility to recall mails. If you want to know more about this thing, then you better read the below-mentioned blog post.

Emails have injected a stream of convenience in people who were having problems in communicating with their known ones. People can use emails to send out detailed information, plus it is also possible to attach files. Now, people want to know whether they can recall any email that they sent to someone. The reason they are asking this is simply because they think the mail was sent by mistake or with wrong intentions, and they want to undo that mistake. Recalling an email is a complicated process because it will make multiple servers work at the same time. Moreover, there are chances that the receiver has read the message and now, coming up with a response. The benefit of recalling an email is only when the email has been sent just now, and you have realized that it is not an appropriate mail to send, so you click on the option to undo the action. You will be surprised to know that Gmail has the option to recall an email, but that only works if a person has just sent the message. If you use Gmail, then you must get the notification at the top, just below the search bar that ‘Your message has been sent’. When you have that ‘recall email’ option activated, then you will find the option of ‘undo message’ along with that ‘successfully sent’ notification. You have to quickly click on this option if you think that the message has been sent by mistake. The only catch in this option is that you have to find it in the settings and activate it. People have found this option after using Gmail for years.

Email Recalling

It is not the Gmail, which has this feature, but various other email service providers. If you have used Microsoft Outlook or are using this service with Microsoft Exchange Email Server, then you can recall your mails if you want. When you do so, the email that you have sent will be removed from the mailbox of the recipient. But, the only thing that you have to keep in mind regarding this feature is that it is not a standard feature in the MS Outlook service, and a large number of things are fully dependent on the email server. The process is complicated because email servers from both the parties will come into play and complete your action. The control of your account and the recipient account will be done by the email server only.

In Gmail, you can insert time delay option as well before sending out an email. What this will do is, it will prevent your email from reaching the mailbox of the recipient and so, it gives you time to act. This may not be considered as recalling the mail, but it is more of delaying or cancelling the mail. You just have to go into the settings of the mail service you are using in order to find out if this option is available, and if yes, then how can you use it.