What is the concept of ‘ignore thread’?

With a plethora of features in a mail service, it is not necessary to be aware of all those features because common people wouldn’t use those features in the first place. Such features are complex and one doesn’t have to use those features. But, there are certain features that people must know, as they are important when it comes to using email related services. One such feature is ‘ignore thread’ and it is used to ignore those messages, which are not interested or have become irrelevant. Ignore thread is an important feature for mailing lists and when you enable this feature, you can easily skip reading those conversations, which are not necessary to you anymore. Even after you enable ‘ignore thread’ option, you will be able to see all other conversations, which are in your inbox. You can read and send them as well if you want.

What is the process of ignoring thread?

You can easily ignore thread by choosing a particular message and after that, selecting ‘ignore thread’. If you want to know the keyboard shortcut, then just press “K” key and enable the feature of what we all call as ‘ignore thread’. When you press ‘K’ key on your keyboard, then you will find all the messages in the inbox getting selected, but don’t worry, as you can unselect the messages that you feel are important to you, and you also want to keep. The messages that you have selected as ‘ignore thread’ will not be shown in the thread pane, but that doesn’t mean they have been deleted. The absence of messages from thread pane is a default feature, and if you want to see those messages, then you will have to change a few settings in your email account. If by chance that conversation, which you have chosen ‘not to see anymore’ gets more replies get any new messages, then you will not get any notification for those. So, you will not have to face any nuisance seeing those frustrating messages.

What is the concept of ‘ignore sub-thread’?

First of all, I would like to mention that there is not much difference in ‘ignore thread’ and ‘ignore sub-thread’. The only different aspect in ‘sub-thread’ is that when you choose this option, you will be able to ignore only those messages, which are the responses to the sub-thread that started from the message that you have selected. You will be able to ignore all those conversations, which have become irrelevant or boring.

What is the process to see ‘ignore threads’?

You can easily view ignored threads, but only temporarily. For this, you have to go to ‘view’, then ‘threads’ and finally, ‘ignored threads’. Just check the threads that you wish to see and uncheck those by going to ‘view’, ‘threads’ and finally, ‘ignored threads’. With this you can view the ignored threads temporarily.

You can also un-ignore the thread which you have marked ignored before. For that, you just need to choose the message in the thread followed by unchecking the message, and finally, ‘ignore thread’. By doing this, you can easily un-ignore one message in the thread.

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