Configuring RR com login on your iPhone6 is quite tricky and need some tweaks to setup. No doubt, you can config the email on your own but it needs your attention. Roadrunner email account is used by millions of users in the US. They use the Time Warner Cable for the internet as well as for email service. This is the most reliable email service with lots of amazing features inside it. There are some iPhone users who have recently updated their iPhone OS and getting the problem in configuring the Roadrunner account on their device. If you are among the one, who is facing the problem then continue reading this post.


Follow the tips and tricks mentioned below to install RR com on your phone. In case, you find any problem, then you can call us at our customer care number. This type of problem is genuine and there is nothing to worry. You simply need to follow the steps to troubleshoot it.

1.       Open the iPhone settings by unlocking the phone screen. It depends on you what type of lock you have chosen for your screen lock. It can be Pattern, Pin or touch.

2.       For quick settings, you can open them from the flag menu as well. This menu can be opened by swiping the screen from the bottom.

3.       Open ‘Mail, contacts and calendars’ section.

4.       Click on ‘Add a new account’ or ‘Add account’ option. You need to click on ‘Others’ to add RR email login to it. There are some email services which are pre-installed in your iPhone like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Outlook but Roadrunner is not installed, so you need to add it manually.

5.       Enter the RR login email address in the address field.

6.       In the next field, you will be requested to enter the password for your email account.

7.       Turn off ‘Auto-configuration’ mode and enter the description for your email account in the next field.

8.       This name will appear on the www RR com login window.

9.       Now, enter the incoming server settings and select POP3 option.

·         Enter the login address and the password in the next column.

·         The incoming server address will be written as

·         Uncheck the ‘Security type’ option or disable it. Enter 110 in the port number box.

10.    rr com loginAfter entering the incoming server settings, come to outgoing server settings of TimeWarner email loginEnter the email address and username in the field followed by ‘continue’ option given at the end of the page.

·         Type in the SMTP server address field.

·         Disable security option again in the outgoing server field.

·         Click ‘OK’ to configure the Roadrunner account.

·         To sync the account, turn on toggle switch by sliding it to the right side. This will sync TWC email login account.

·         Click ‘Save’ to apply changes.

This is all about the process to setup Time Warner cable Email login on your i6. In case of any problem or doubt, you can visit www RR com login mail link or call technical support executives. They will sort out your problem in the best possible way. You don’t need to roam around here and there.