The problem related to emails have been there for quite some time, but there is a new issue by the name of ‘your account settings are outdated’, which is a new and stubborn issue. Let us find out if there is any solution for this issue.

rr mail loginHave you recently downloaded Win 10 Universal Mail & Calendar app? If yes, then you must be facing problems opening your Outlook mail account. If yes, then read this blog post carefully because today, we are going to learn how to fix this issue. You are not alone who is facing this issue, but there are many others who are dealing with the same issue. A reputed software company has launched Windows 10 Universal Mail and Calendar app for the convenience of the users, but when users installed the app and tried using their Outlook mail account, they were not able to do so.

Every single time the opened the app or Outlook account, there was a message at the top of their email account that, “The settings of their account are outdated”. There were two options that were given alongside, these are; fix the problem and dismiss. Most people had chosen ‘fix’ option, and when they did that, they saw a dark colored window coming on the screen for a couple of seconds and after that, the same message was displayed.

People have tried literally everything in the account settings, but couldn’t get this problem solved. Sometimes, small things in the PC are messed up so bad that they don’t get fixed despite various efforts. So, today, we are going to discuss the fix for this issue so that people could once again access their email accounts. But, before we could go any further with the process, it is important for everybody to know that this process needs to be performed with care, and a proper backup of all the data needs to be taken prior.

The problem is in the account data, so the first job for everybody is to find the location where Windows Universal Mail app stores this data. There is a folder by the name of %LOCALAPPDATA%\Comms\, which you have to delete in order to fix the issue, but before you delete it, please take the backup. Don’t do anything without taking backups before things that worked for others may or may not work for you. Therefore, it is better to have backup of everything so that you can restore things in case, anything goes wrong.Here is how you can resolve the issue:

Here is how you can resolve the issue:

  1. Roadrunner webmailYou have to open Amin Powershell prompt, which you can easily find in the start menu. Then right click on Windows PowerShell followed by choosing Run as Admin.
  2. Now, you must uninstall that mail and calendar application and for that you need to enter this command: Get-AppxPackage | Where-Object -Property Name -eq ‘microsoft.windowscommunicationsapps’ | Remove-AppxPackage
  3. It’s time to restart your PC now, so that settings can come into effects.
  4. The folder, which we were discussing earlier needs to be deleted, and for that, you need to enter another command, which is something like this: Remove-Item -Path “$Home\AppData\Local\Comms\” -Recurse –Force.
  5. You can install the app again. You can get the app from the Windows Store, so get it and install it.

After you do all this, you have to configure your email accounts, and you will see that the error message is nowhere to be seen and your account is also working properly. So, perform these steps in the same order in which they are mentioned. This is not a common issue with emails, so you will not see too many resources for this issue on the web, so read this post carefully and get rid of the problem once and for all.