Road Runner as we all know is a webmail service that allows you to access your emails from any computer that has a working internet connection. Road Runner webmail is highly convenient when it comes to operation and is totally secured. Syncing Road Runner webmail to different platforms is also quite easy and you do it by following a few steps.

Road Runner webmail can be connected with an iPhone or an Android based phone, plus it can be synced with Gmail, Microsoft Outlook and other mailing platforms. Today, we are going to address an issue that people come across when they are trying to sync the folders from their Road Runner webmail to Windows Live mail. There is a procedure by which the folders can be synced, and if that procedure is not followed in the right manner, then it is not possible to sync the folders to Windows Live Mail.

Things to keep in mind while syncing the folders from RoadRunner Webmail to Windows Live Mail

If you are doing it for the first time, then you will have to set everything in the right order, i.e., enter the details of both ingoing and outgoing server settings appropriately. With this, everything will work just fine and you will be able to see your main inbox synced with Windows Live Mail. All your emails will show up in the way you wanted them to.

Things are a bit different in Road Runner webmail when compared with other mail platforms. There are many folders that appear after the Road Runner webmail is set up and each of those folders contains a set of emails that are not present within the inbox. So, you must be wondering which emails are these. Well, these are the RR mails, which for some reason couldn’t sync with Windows Live Mail properly. All the folders that you see are not synced with Windows Live Mail.

This is a common issue, which is faced by many people all around the world. So, what’s the solution for this problem? How can those folders be synced with the Windows Live mail?


The problem can’t be resolved if you are using POP3, as it only downloads RR email from the inbox and there isn’t any alternative provided by Road Runner. So, if you want to synchronize folders between Road Runner and Windows Live Mail, then you will have to use IMAP. That’s the only way, or you can use HTTP as well, but the problem with using HTTP is that it is only available for Microsoft Outlook accounts.

So, you have just one option, and I think, you need one option only to fix the issue. So, just do www RR com login and use IMAP instead of POP3, and you will be able to sync the folders of your RR webmail to Windows Live Mail. If there is any problem, then there is no need to go to the Microsoft website, as they will further confuse you. Instead, you should take the help of a technical support that deals with webmail services. They are the ones who know what Time Warner Cable and Road Runner webmail is. They will help you fix the issue, and so, you will be able to sync the folders.

The root cause for this issue lies in the selection of POP3. If you can change it to IMAP, then you will be able to eradicate the problem and access the mails from your Windows Live Mail. There is no need to go to www RR com or for any help. You can fix the issue on your own.