Road Runner web mail is a reliable mail, which is why many people are using it on a daily basis. There are many benefits of using RR com login mail, which can only be experienced and enjoyed when you started using it. But, people have been facing issues while using RR mail.

RR mailMany people are using iOS devices and Mac computers. In the US and Canada, one will find 80% of the population using iPhones as their smartphones and Mac computers as their personal computers. So, the issue they come across is that when they delete an email from their smartphones.

When they delete an email, the same email gets deleted from their Mac desktop as well. This is a frustrating issue because they want to keep that mail on the computer, but when they delete it on their iPhone, it gets deleted from Mac desktop. People want to get rid of this problem because they don’t want to stuff their smartphone’s inbox, but want to keep emails.

This problem is not just particularly confined to RR com login mail, but various other email services. Some experts have intervened into the matter and found that it is not just the mails, which are getting deleted, but all the changes that are made in the email account on the smartphone is reflected on Mac computers. So basically, people want to stop this thing. The reason for this issue is ‘IMAP’. People have selected ‘IMAP’ server instead of ‘POP’, which is creating the problem.

The main motive of IMAP is to keep all the devices synced with the main server, and this is why people see the same changes on their Mac computers, which were initially made on the iPhone. This is called synchronization; when an email is send from one device, and you see the same mail in ‘sent items’ in another mail, then that’s the purpose of IMAP. It is a great feature to have because otherwise it will seem like as if one device is lagging behind or has malfunctioned. The problem can be resolved by changing the email server settings of Time Warner Cable RR email to ‘POP’.

rr mail loginWith that, changes that are made on the smartphone will not reflect on the Mac computer, which is what people are looking to have. But, before you change the settings, it is important for you to understand the concept of POP and IMAP because it is not just these settings, which will be changed, but a number of other things as well, so you will have to get some information as to what is going to happen when you change IMAP settings to POP.

There are many experts who have explained it in a simplified way that deleting emails is universal, so if you delete an email from TimeWarner email login account regardless of where you deleted it, that particular email cannot be seen on the desktop as well.