Here we’re with simple and precise steps of setting up road runner email. If you’re new to it then instead of roaming here and there, simply follow these steps.

How can I setup Road Runner email?

Roadrunner suggests being linked to Wi-Fi when setting up an account.
To setup Roadrunner, follow directions below:
If adding the email account for the first time, open the Applications tray, touch Email and tap Next. (skip down to #3)
1. If adding an extra account, you may already be in the inbox of your first account when you touch Email. Press Menu, from the email application’s inbox then touch add Accounts
2. Do a selection of account type (select POP3/IMAP4 Account)
3. Enter your full Roadrunner credentials, counting “” domain name in all lower case and existing password
4. Now touch Next (done)
If you are not able to set-up automatically using steps above, it is possible you will require entering the settings manually.
Use the chart at bottom for server settings for Roadrunner by region.***Please authenticate your email the suitable credentials before trying Manual Set-up.
Your account is now setup. Please check transferring and getting an email.

Manual Setup steps for Personal Email (POP3/IMAP4)

1. Follow early steps above for automatic set-up, but then do a selection of Manual Set-up
2. Now selection Account type (select POP3/IMAP4)
3. Authenticate any pre-occupied data below with Email supplier as accurate or Delete the pre-populated information in the fields mentioned below and replace with accurate email supplier’s settings. Any inappropriate t settings will secure connection with the email server.
4. Now fill up Username (usually your full Roadrunner email address, counting “” domain name in all lower case).
5. Enter Email account Password
6. Enter POP3 server – -(*** si refers to Staten Island; Search list at bottom of FAQ for the roadrunner server name for your location)
7. Do a selection of Security (None)
8. Enter email supplier’s incoming Port# 110 or 995 (port# will auto-populate when security is selected, authenticate port# is correct)
9. Authenticate that incoming settings are appropriate, counting anything that was auto-populated, and makes a press on NEXT.
10. The handset will link to the server if all information above is right.

Once incoming server data has been not dedicated, the handset will ask you for outgoing server information.

1. You need to outgoing SMTP server name (SMTP server – – (*** si refers to Staten Island only; Search list at bottom of FAQ for the roadrunner server name for your location)
2. Do a selection of Security (None)
3. Enter email supplier’s outgoing Port# 25 (*** Port 587 can also be used for outgoing if 25 doesn’t work)
4. Authenticate Username (usually your full Roadrunner email address, counting “” domain name in all lower case)
5. Authenticate/Enter Email Account Password
6. Authenticate that outgoing setting are right, counting anything that was auto populated and make a press on NEXT.
7. The handset will link to the server and start to download messages if all data above is accurate; done.
8. (if using POP3, ensure you have “delete the copy from server” alternative unimpeded on PC side if you don’t wish upcoming emails you sync into the handset to be deleted from PC server).
1. We have counted the complete list of Roadrunner’s server names listed alphabetically according to state.

Scroll down or text search to recognize the name of server for your location