Road Runner is a spectacular webmail service that runs all across the United States. The fact Roadrunner is so popular is because it is fast and reliable service that provides people with an easy access to their emails.

There are many great things about Roadrunner webmail service that attract people to use this service. But, when it comes to www RR com login, people find it a bit frustrating because they have to enter the password every time they sign up on the RR mail account. People who take it as an annoying aspect should make a better use of their web browsers. People need to understand that their web browsers have the capability to store the passwords of the sites they sign into. Moreover, there are settings that they can change to ensure security while accessing their accounts.

Is Roadrunner like Gmail and Yahoo! Mail?

Yes, Roadrunner webmail service is similar to that of the Gmail and Yahoo! Mail. You need to browse on the sign up page, i.e., www RR com, and after that, you will have to enter the credentials such as your username and password. After you enter your username and password, you will be able to sign in to your account and so, you can send, receive and read emails. So, unless you click on the sign out option, you are going to remain active on Roadrunner. If you have left the computer with your RR account on, then there is no need to worry as the account will automatically will log out after a certain period of time. So, if you want to use the account again, then you will have to enter the username and password again. This all depends upon your browser as well, so the settings you have done related to the cookies.

If you don’t know what a cookie is then, it is the information that is transmitted from the website that you have opened to your computer or laptop. Cookies usually store the information related to the username and other settings that are of any use to them. Cookies will not store your passwords, so don’t worry. In order to make sure that your webmail is working in the right way, you need to make the necessary changes into your browser to make it accept cookies from RR com login. For that, you can go to the option settings of the browser you use on a daily basis and select ‘privacy’ settings or ‘security’ settings. You can also select other options in which you change the settings of the browser to allow the cookies of websites.

You will find new web browsers where you get the option to save the username and password in non-cookie. You will get an autocomplete format, so you just need to fill out the form or sometimes, the form is automatically filled out for you.  has provided people with all the features that they need to access their RR email with full security.

So, there is nothing to be scared of because your data is protected. You can easily change the settings of your privacy and security settings like you’ve changed the cookie settings. With this, the web browser that you are using will forget the password that you’ve entered for RoadRunner webmail.

Almost every web browser prompts users to save passwords for the very first time. So, the option is all in the hands of the users. They can decide whether they want to save the password or not. If you think your RR email has been compromised or is not working properly, then you can take the help of a professional webmail support provider.