There is an issue related to Roadrunner email that is making leave the platform, i.e., the mails along with attachments that are forwarded from Gmail to RR email can’t be opened.

Many people are changing their email services to Road Runner web mail. There are many Gmailfeatures in Roadrunner webmail that are absent in most of the email services. Having said that, people are facing a few issues in Roadrunner webmail, which are quite frustrating. The most common issue is related to forwarding emails. People are not being able to forward their emails from Gmail account. This is a big issue because there are many files, which are of a great importance for the people, and those files are not opening.

While downloading the attachments, they are bundled in zip files and after they are downloaded, the computer tells the user that the file type is unknown. The problem isn’t getting solved by installing winzip or winrar software. People are not able to find out the right file type extension that could open the attachment, which is the main problem. Online forums are flooded with such questions, and there seem to be no answer to this issue.

Is there a solution for this issue?

A number of experts say that there are a few attachments that are downloaded as zip files when people use internet explorer over a secure connection. But, that’s not the problem because the real problem is the way their forwarded messages are attached. It is important for the users to determine as to which email program they are using. Moreover, if it is possible for user to set the forward messages in-line instead of attachments, then it would be a lot better.

There are many benefits of using Roadrunner webmail service, but the problem of not being able to get the attachments in the right way has really disrupted the smoothness of the service. Time Warner cable has used RR webmail as its ISP knowing how good and efficient this email service is, but this attachment issue has caused a big dent on the reputation of the company.

Gmail can read the attachments that are present in the messages, but it will only displays those attachments, which are marked as in-line. This is the only way to watch the attached files. It is unfortunate to see that there is no concrete fix to the issue. Moreover, there is no news if there will be any fix coming in the future or not.

It is just the Gmail that has the issue and not any other email service

The attachments can be opened in Blackberry mail, but not in Gmail, which is quite frustrating. People have done all sorts of things, i.e., doing www RR com login and changing RR settings, but nothing has seemed to work for them. It is being assumed that Gmail has not updated itself, which is causing such issues to arrive. Gmail should update its platform so that its users can easily transfer things from one email platform to another without worrying, whether the attached files will open or not.

Can forwarding email to business email such as Outlook solves the issue?

Users can go do RR com login after changing a few settings in Gmail. The chances are less for attachments to be opened, but this process does work. If users can forward the email from Gmail into their business email address that make use of Outlook, then they will be able to open and read the emails. It’s very sad to know that there is no straight process to open and read emails, but that’s how it is. You can go to www RR com for more information about how you can do this aforementioned process.