Many users of RR email make use of a ‘desktop mail’ client. They take it as Windows Mail, Windows Live Mail, MS Outlook or Outlook Express. There are many 3rd party apps as well. Here is the way by which the mail system works in.

Mail addressed to ‘ is going to arrive at, which is the mail server. When a person turns on his/her mail client on a PC, then he/she will log onto the server as ‘’, but this will be done invisibly in the background. After that, a request will be sent to the main server to transfer the email.

It is important for the user to know that his/her client may have more than one spam filters that are integrated so that the emails can’t appear in the main inbox folder. Most users may not be aware of the fact that Roadrunner server also contains its own spam filter. If there is any message that RR mail marks as spam is not going to appear in the client, so the person is never going to know it.

RR email is a very useful service, but at times, there are many flaws that appear in Roadrunner. People are not able to receive the necessary emails due to cancellation of the messages by RoadRunner spam filter. Roadrunner don’t know which message is important for its customers, and if it feels it’s a spam, it is going to block it.

The process of allowing the important messages, which are considered spam by Roadrunner webmail.

1. You have to open your browser to connect to RR com mail server. For that, you have to bypass your desktop client.

2. The emails will present in the ‘junk mail’ folder. So, the user can open that particular folder and get the message, which he/she wish to keep. Other messages will disappear after some days.

Step 1. Open your web Browser and enter ‘’.

Step 2. Www RR com login page appear in which the person will have to enter his/her email address and password.  Then, log into the account.

Step 3. The inbox, which also contains the messages will be displayed in your browser.

Step 4. When you open the ‘Inbox’ window on the upper left corner, the messages will be downloaded to your Windows client if you open it again. So, you have to select the ‘Junk Mail’ folder.

Step 5. The ‘Junk Mail’ folder is going to open.

The majority of the messages are spam only, so don’t try to open those messages. If you see the messages, which you think have entered in the spam folder by mistake, then you need to click on the tiny box to the left of that particular email, which you wish to keep.

Step 6. You need to add the non-spam address to www RR com whitelist. Then, click on the ‘Allow senders’ button, which is above the list. You are going to see a new Window. Now, you have to click on ‘Select All’ option followed by ‘OK’. Finally, you can see the junk mail list.

Step 7. You will have to release the message after adding the selected email addresses into the RR whitelist. You can click on ‘Mark as Not Spam’ button. That particular message is going to get moved to your inbox and then, you can download it to your mail client when you wish to open it.

This is the entire process of seeing a message that has been put in the spam folder. The process in Time Warner Cable service is a bit different than other platforms, but it is not that complicated.