Emails are important part of daily communication. We use number of email services for communication. RR mail service is among the top email service used by thousands of mail users. However, the road runner webmail account are being hacked by the hackers. As per the company latest research, more than millions of account are at high risk of getting hacked by the hackers. The hackers filches the personal information of users through hacking and use it for breaching of data.

Are you also using RR email and want to secure your email account? We are providing the ways in this blog post through which you can secure your account online. In short, we want to tell you that if your account got compromised then change the login password immediately and also change the security question along with it. The data can be cracked through security question also, so keep on changing the answer as well as question of your password security.

Important: The password of your Time warner cable login must be different from other account login password because the hacker always try to access to the different accounts with the use of same passwords.

Now we will discuss the steps through which you can secure or protect your email account online. These steps are common for all the types of accounts. Whether you are using Gmail, RR mail or SBCGlobal mail, the steps are same for all. Go through the steps carefully.

Alter the password often:

The first and the foremost way to protect the email account is keep on changing the password for your account on weekly basis. The reminder for the same also receives from the email service provider if you have not changed your password from last one year. You will be prompted to change the password every time. Go to www RR com login link to change the password of your RR account. If your account gets hacked then you will not be notified at once but after some days from the company.

Use different password:

If you are accessing more than one mail account then use different password for different accounts because it is the tendency of the hacker that he always uses the password for accessing the different accounts other than the hacked account. Any unidentified person can crack down the data through personal information so try to keep as much protected as possible.

  1. Selection of password: The password for RR com login must be of long size (12 to 16 characters) that comprises of both the numerals and alphabets. One special character must be used in the password so as to make it more complex. You can use the complex phrase also as a password of your account.
  2. Use password manager: It is difficult for a user to remember the distinct passwords for different accounts. Although, he keeps on changing the passwords so it becomes difficult for him to remember the password. The solution to this problem is use of password manager that manages all your password. All you have to remember is master password for accessing the password manager.
  3. Refurbish the security questions: If you lose an access to the RR com account due to wrong password entry then you can reset the password by answering the security question that you have mentioned earlier. This security question must be altered on routine basis because the answers for common questions is available mostly on the internet and hackers can easily steal it. The right way to set the question is use of complex questions that are not familiar on the internet.
  4. Two way authentication: like we use a two way authentication for all the transactions done online, in the same way the two way authentication should be used for accessing the www RR com account. One time password will be sent to your phone in two way authentication system.