Apple iOS users are facing a new issue when accessing their emails. Whenever, they refresh their emails from the email app in their Apple iPhones, they see a message, i.e., ‘Can’t Get Mail’. This message appears due to the non-responsive behaviour of In order to fix it, you have to make sure that the information for the mail settings is right.

This annoying issue occurs due to the faulty email settings and at times, it may occur due to a faulty email server or internet connection that you are connected to.

Reasons why these errors arise?

On most occasions, when you see the error message, i.e., ‘cannot get mail’, but everything is OK with the email app, then the problem is certainly present in the internet connection or the mail server. Let’s just not right off the fact that these two are the possible reasons for the problem because bad email settings can also lead to this problem. You will have to troubleshoot in order to fix the issue. But, which troubleshooting steps would you follow and which area are you going to troubleshoot?

So, let us find out the possible fixes to this annoying problem:

We are going to start with the easiest methods to fix this issue so that you don’t have get into the complications of fixing technical aspects in the app.

Try sending an email from the problematic inbox

When you get the error message while accessing your email account, then you must try sending an email from that particular email account. The problem that you are facing is related to the inability to fetch new emails, but your email account can certainly send new emails that you create. If you are using multiple inboxes, then you have to send an email from that inbox, which is giving you problem.

The success rate of this technique is 99%, but if not, then move onto the next step.

Refresh your inbox

As I have mentioned-above, the problem of can’t get mail ca be due to the bad internet connectivity or the inability to connect to the server. So, if you refresh your inbox, then you are going to get a solution to this problem. Moreover, refresh inbox doesn’t have any technical aspects attached to it, so you can do it on a regular basis if you want.

Force-stop the mail app

There will be certain occasions on which the problem will be related to mail app. You can open App switcher to fix the issue. After opening the app switcher, slide up the mail card and go to home screen to launch the email app again, so that you can refresh the inbox.

Check internet connection

You have to check whether you have a good Wi-Fi signal or cellular data. If the signal is weak or not at all, then this is what that might be creating problems in your email account. So, check the internet connection and also fix it to access your email account in the right manner.

Delete and re-add the faulty email account

There will be a few cases, the information related to both incoming and outgoing server will not be accepted by email server. So, you will have to remove the email account and add it again. By doing this, your mail app will configure the settings automatically and that too, in a proper manner. Then, refresh your inbox to use your account in the best way.