RoadRunner webmail has been used by millions around the world, as it is one of the most reliable webmail services one would use. There are lots of new features in RR email, which are nowhere to be seen. It is very easy to sign up on RR platform and use the mail as per your convenience, but that’s not what we are here for today. We are here to discuss an issue that people have been facing in RR webmail lately. When people are trying to use their RR mail, they are getting ‘Locked error’ message. This is particularly coming when people are using Time Warner cable as their internet service provider along with mail as their email client. Moreover, their email account is also active. It is quite weird to see a message like this when clicking on ‘get mail’ along with a warning triangle as well. This warning triangle also appears when the inbox is highlighted on the TWC  account. Here is what you see after clicking on the warning triangle.

The email server has barred your access to the account RR account due to the fact that an admin or other email client had been using it when mail attempted to login. Please try again later. There is server error, which has been encountered, and also the account comes out to be locked. In case you highlight the Road Runner Web Mail account, then you have to right click it followed by choosing ‘get new mail from www RR com account’. With this, you will see that everything is fine.

People are confused and they can’t make out if this is a case of their mail account trying to find multiple accounts at once and tricking my RR com login account so that they could think that the account has been locked. Other assumption regarding this is that the message is getting triggered due to something else.

How to get rid of this issue?

There have been many experts who gave the information that the problem is being caused by RR mail try to check two identical email accounts at the same time. The problem can be resolved by disabling the old discontinued email account. After that, people need to click on ‘check mail’ to avoid getting error message. This is a very frustrating issue, which can be resolved by following a specific process. This process has been explained in this blog post, so you can follow the process and get rid of ‘email account getting locked’ issue.

To know more about the problem, you will have to do www RR com login and check the settings. Sometimes, the problem lies in the settings, so determine the settings and rectify the ones, which are wrong.